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    Lotus Kin recruiting on Silverlode

    My Star Trek fleet mates from Lotus Fleet have started a kinship in LOTRO as well, and we'll be playing/supporting this game along with Star Trek Online, WoW, and a variety of other games. We RP out of game, although it is a Star Trek RP. We are a family-oriented, friendly group of gamers. We don't have any activity requirements or minimums. Most of our new kinmates have just started the game, so we have plenty of new folks right now to get starting quests done. We do have Teamspeak. All we ask is that you treat your fleet and kinmates with honor, honesty, integrity, and respect.

    Our kinship name is Lotus Kin, and it is located on the Silverlode server.
    Our website: www.lotusfleet.com

    My main character on this server is Lavenderia. Please feel free to PM me here or message me in game if you're interested in more information.

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    Re: Lotus Kin recruiting on Silverlode

    Congrats to Murrock and Spyborn, who've joined our kinship!

    We're working on setting up book quest and deed nights, so stay tuned! When we get to the point where we are high enough level to raid, I hope to add those activities in. However, we're new on this server, so we're focusing on having fun playing from starters to about level 30 at this point.



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