Is there a particular way we should report API or documentation bugs? I'm not talking about bugs in specific plugins.

I assume we should be using the form at

Maybe some special keyword we put in the title of the bug report that gets it directed to the right team? So far, I've been using the "Other" category and put "LUA SCRIPTING" in big scary letters at the start of the title.

Or maybe it's preferable to just post in this forum here so that other authors can review it and come to a consensus on whether it's a bug. I know I reported at least one issue during beta that turned out not to be a bug, and I feel bad for probably taking 5 or 10 minutes of some developer's time before tossing it out.

Speaking of which, is anyone on Turbine's QA team involved with this project? (I'm just curious; I don't mean to insinuate any lack of quality.) Or does all of the testing take place between the developers, authors, and players?