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    [Request] Hide questbar text, rename Bag1

    Hey all,

    is it possible to hide the questbar text by positioning it 'outside' my screen? I have no idea what to look for in the ini file, I guess it has something to do with toolbar?
    Also, I kind of dislike the "Bag1" whenever I open inventory and would prefer to name it simply Inventory instead. Is that even possible?

    Thanks in advance!


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    No one knows? Is the text auto-aligned to the bar or is it a seperate err... thing?

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    What is the "questbar"?
    Thurallor, Warden of Landroval

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    Dear lord, no wonder no one could help I meant the experience bar. My apologies.

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    I think it's possible to hide the text on the experience bar with a UI skin:

    To change the inventory bag names, I think you'd have to use a bag replacement plugin, such as HugeBag:

    You might have better luck getting answers to your questions by posting them on the lotrointerface.com forum.
    Thurallor, Warden of Landroval

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    But there's no X or Y to change somewhere in the config to move the text offscreen, same way we can move other elements anchored to another (self-(de)buffs bound to our char portrait for example)?



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