#1 you dont really know if your spell/skill rotation is right for max dps or healing because you dont know what your doing overall

#2 lets just guess how much threat were doing

#3 your in a raid, 8 people are awesome, a few are not awesome and you cant down a boss, those few awful people are dragging everyone else down and you have no idea thats what the problem is

thats just a few reasons.. Ive heard what most people that play this game say, like "we dont want to be wow" "were not concerned with min/max etc"

it sounds more like you want a communistic atmosphere where everyone is equal and there is no pressure for everyone to give 100% for the better of the group. in wow there are alot of immature players that boast about #1 dps but the fact is, WoW is a finly oiled raid atmosphere, there are no guilds that are competitve in end game content without addons.

enrage timers, spawn timers etc will put one in your back door unless you know everyone is pulling their weight.. yes there is more to gameplay than dps or hps dps and hps is a huge part of gameplay.. without a dps meter its like guessing how fast your going in your car with no way to tell.. sure my weapon adds 10 dps over my other one but how much was I doing with my old one versus my new one.

before fanboys everywhere jump on this post like new meat no im not a free player and im not trying to start a huge war, im just saying if you never want to be critisized about how you play then you shouldnt play in groups or you shouldnt play a mmo that has any kind of group cooperation content..

If you suck at baseball, sit on the couch watching tv all the time drink beer and weigh 400 lbs your not gonna get to play in the world series with the twins.. thats just how it is and thats why guild on wow are like they are, they want to win because its a game. if lotro puts more end game content in and makes it worth raiding maybe they wouldnt have to go free to play to keep people.(and damage meters)