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    Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    Wondering what zones you should buy for your newly earned points? Here is a breakdown of all SoA zones, costs and what you get!

    "TP" lists how many ponits you can earn if you do all deeds.
    "Ratio" is TP/Cost, lower is better. An areas ratio is how many runs through it takes to make back to TPs you spent on it.

    Starter zones (Ered Luin + Bree + the Shire)
    Cost: 0
    TP: 740 (EL 235, Bree 305, the Shire 200)
    Ratio: N/A
    Levels: 1-24
    Quests: 380+ (EL 80+, Bree 200+, the Shire 100+)

    Note that some mobs have areas where you can do slayer deeds very fast in the starter zones. The advanced slayer deed usually only needs 90 kills, so this is the fastest place to earn TPs.

    Lone Lands
    Cost: 0 Yes! It's now free!
    TP: 230
    Ratio: N/A
    Levels: 22-32
    Quests: 100+

    LL is a mostly solo area, which follows directly after Bree, level wise. GA (Garth Argawen), at the end of LL, is the main group quest area. GA has not been played much in the past, but with F2P I suspect this will change, since it is now free! If you have trouble filling out a GA group, send someone back to Bree, and ask there as well.

    Lone lands has a "Wild West" feeling to it, with mostly scrub land and big swamps. If you are a crafter you can find ruby shards easily here, towards the end of the zone. Loremasters will also find the quest that opens up cosmetic pets in this area.

    North Downs
    Cost: 595
    TP: 195
    Ratio: 3.1
    Levels: 22-40
    Quests: 125+

    ND is the alternative to LL. While it has a decent chunk of solo quests, much focus is on group quests. The infamous Dol Dinen is a large Orc Camp where many players have learned the noble art of the "good mob pull", and learned it the hard way. At level 40 there is Fornost itself, one of the largest instances in the game. The cost of ND is high, but it's also a huge area. When a new map is coming out, it's usually compared to ND in terms of size.

    North Downs is a land of open spaces, with wilderness in the middle, and enemy camps on all edges. Hillmen (good for the Man-heal deed!), Orcs and Undead will be you main enemies, with Trolls later on. If you go to the top of the hill in Dol Dinen, make sure you are well prepared on strategies, as an on-level group will find a real challenge there!

    Cost: 595
    TP: 285 (includes Annuminas at lvl 50-65)
    Ratio: 2.1
    Levels: 28-40 + Annuminas 50-65
    Quests: 75+

    Evendim is mostly solo, but includes the Annuminas group instances at lvl 50-65. Everswim is one of the most beautiful areas in the game, with a large lake in the middle, and lots of grand ruins of Arnor. Take a look around even if you don't buy the pack! Note that you will get nowhere near 285 points on a run through, as some of the points come out of Annuminas.

    Many of the quests here are in a quest line that starts with Aragorn in Rivendell. Go there and pick up his quest, or you will miss much of the zone! You do not need the Trollshaws pack for this.

    Some people hate Evendim (it's nicknamed Everswim for a reason), others love it. Men, wolfs and bears are what you will fight most, with a generous sprinkling of odder types of enemies. If you make it all the way through the zone you will have the chance to visit the Tomb of Elendil.

    Cost: 595
    TP: 195
    Ratio: 3.1
    Levels: 32-45
    Quests: 75+

    Also a soloing area, Trollshaws is home to the Elves in Rivendell. This area is a must for those who play because they love the books, as there are a lot of references and characters from the books here, including the Fellowship itself! If you play though the Epic story, you will go in and out of Rivendell a lot, as many of the books start here.

    Trollshaws is mountains and forests, with deep valleys in between. The "Troll" part of the name is no joke, as there are plenty of trolls here. Evil men, giants and local wildlife makes up most of the population.

    Cost: 595
    TP: 190
    Ratio: 3.1
    Levels: 44-50
    Quests: 100+

    Like to play alone, whith no one else in sight? Then Forochel is for you! This icy zone is very out of the way, and has very spread out quests, so it gets fewer vistors than other zones. Almost completly solo. If you don't buy it, pay a visit to watch the northen lights here at night.

    Angmarin and wild animals make up most of the population.

    Misty Monutains
    Cost: 695
    TP: 170
    Ratio: 4.1
    Levels: 39-50 + Helegrod 50-65
    Quests: 70+

    The outdoor areas here are mostly solo, but MM has Helegrod, the only 24 man raid in the game, and 3 12-man raids. For fans of the Hobbit, it also allows you to follow in Bilbos footsteps down into Goblin Town. (Bring a friend or two if you try it on level!)

    Expect to meet lots of gobins, and a few giants in addition to the local wildlife. And perhaps a giantic, undead... well, I'm not telling, play Book 5! (It's free, after all.)

    Cost: 795
    TP: 215/490 (Outdoors 215, Barad Gularan 70, Carn Dûm 110, Urugarth 95)
    Ratio: 3.7/1.6
    Levels: 40-50
    Quests: 200+

    Angmar is a huge area with lots of group quests, including the Rift, a 12-man raid, and the large instances Carn Dûm, Barad Gularan and Urugarth. None of these scale in level yet, but they will in the future. There is also a lot of solo quests here, for the so minded. Angmar is grey and dark as befits the Witch Kings home, but it can get a bit depressing after a while. If you intend to quest here, do the Epic book 6, chapter 6, or you will die trying to cross the "Dread line"; a line of statues across middle of the zone. Go to Rivendell and find Aragon to start the book.

    You will mostly be fighting orcs and men here, so Angmar is a good place to hunt for pages for your legendary deeds.

    Cost: 695
    TP: 325
    Ratio: 2.1
    Levels: 48-53, School and Library 50-65
    Quests: 100+

    This zone is solo except for the 2 3-man instances, at the School and Library of Tham Mirdain. It's generally regarded as one of the best zones in the game, good looking and smooth progressing. Once you have got this far you don't really need this guide!

    Cost: 1495 (Quest pack only)
    TP: 585/1125 (GS 100+Forgotten Treasury 45+Fil Gashan 55+Forges 70+Skumfil 95+DD 55+16th Hall 80+Vile Maw 40)
    Ratio: 2.6/1.3
    Levels: 50-60
    Quests: 300+

    Moria is the great divider. Some hate it for being huge, dark and filled with enemies. Others love it for pretty much the same reasons. At some point you will have to enter, so brace yourself. Apart from being dark and huge, enemies are standing along most routes you will travel, so there is a lot more fighting involved when getting from A to B, than in any place in Eriador.

    You will earn your legendary capstone traits in Moria, which involves completing part of the Epic story and getting to Kindred with one of the factions, so plan on spending a lot of time here if you want them.

    While being expensive, there is a massive amount of content here, including 8 group instances. The Grand Stairs (GS) is usually easy to find groups for. Note that trying to get all TPs (meaning all deeds) is a huge undertaking in time and effort.

    Cost: 695
    TP: 185/330 (Hall of Mirrors/Lumul-nar 35+Waterworks/Nala-dum 40+Hall of Crafting 55+DN 70)
    Ratio: 3.8/2.1
    Levels: 60
    Quests: ?

    In order to even enter Lorien, you need to get Acquaintance standing with the elves of Lorien, or you will get shot by the guards. The Epic questline here will send you back to Moria again, and all the instances are located there.

    After Moria, Lorien is bright and beautiful. There are a lot of repeatable quests here for barter items and Lorien rep, and a number of easy to kill Mithril flake droppers for the crafters.

    Once past the guards, quests involve picking flowers and singing to trees. (No, seriously. They do.)

    You will need to pass Lorien to get access to Mirkwood, as the landing for crossing the river is here.

    Cost: 995
    TP: 240/395 (Sword Hall 25+Warg Pens 25+Sammath Gul 30+Dungeons 30+Barad Gulur 45)
    Ratio: 4.1/2.5
    Levels: 63-65
    Quests: 100+

    Like Moria, Mirkwood is dark and densely packed with enemies. While there is only one Book here in the Epic line, it has 18 chapters and an epilogue.

    All the current level cap (non-classic) instances are here + 6 skirmishes. Most of the skrmishes are unlocked by doing the Epic questline. While there is a decent number of quests for the soloer, the real value lies in all the repetable and group content, if you intend to play a lot at level cap.

    Cost: 695
    TP: 325
    Ratio: 2.1
    Levels: 65
    Quests: 65+

    If you are short on points, you might want to skip Lorien and Mirkwood and head directly to Enedwaith. The zone is similar in looks to Eregion, for the most part. Enedwaith is a mostly solo zone, with a few group quests out of Thrors Comb.

    Some of the enemies here change at night, so a few quests can only be done then. One of the few irreversible choices in the game are made here, and making the wrong one will make it harder to gain rep for one of the factions.

    Rewards for repetable quests are rep for the two new factions, and barter items for them. Once you are done with those there is not much left here to do.

    A few more ways to get TPs

    • Do your class deeds.
    • Do the "10 TP" quests that lead to new zones.
    • Do 8 or 15 books of the Epic Story.
    • Kill Boars!

    The Easiest way to grid TPs if you are F2P

    1. Level up 3 alts in the 3 different starter zones (one each), all the way through Bree, to reach 350 TPs.
    2. Play through Lone Lands, or at least to lvl 27.
    3. Go back on all 3 and do the Deeds in the starter zones you skipped out on. By now all mobs will be grey and fast to kill. Don't forget the exploration deeds!
    4. Now you should have another 1400 TPs, or thereabouts, to shop new zones for!

    Final tip:

    Check out sales on: http://www.lotro.com/lotrostoresale

    Zones go on sale from time to time, so try to plan ahead and snap them up for cheap.
    Last edited by Hassan_the_Assassin; Jan 21 2011 at 05:03 PM. Reason: Cost for several zones corrected again, +a few other additions. :) All zones are now in!

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    Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    Thanks, this is very helpful.

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    Watch your back!

    Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    Thank you very much !

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    Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    great post!

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    Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    I think not so great. Prices are incorrect.

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    Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    Lonoelands has been reduced to 350 TP. That makes it almost a must-buy. Plus, it has been revamped recently by Orion to give a very smooth playthrough.

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    Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    As a VIP I can't see the price in the store, so I had to rely on secondary sources. If you find any errors, please post corrections and I will update!

    Thanks to Knutrog for the LL correction!

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    Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    Quote Originally Posted by Hassan_the_Assassin View Post
    As a VIP I can't see the price in the store, so I had to rely on secondary sources. If you find any errors, please post corrections and I will update!

    Thanks to Knutrog for the LL correction!
    Good work, very helpful! There have been cost reductions since beta.

    North Downs is 595, Evendim is 595. Can't get in game atm to check the others, but will add later if no one else does.
    Last edited by Jenara; Sep 13 2010 at 11:05 AM.

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    Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    Thanks and +rep to you both!

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    Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    Here's what I wrote down the other day straight from the store:

    Points  Zone            Levels   Instances   Raids
    350     Lone Lands      22-32    1           0
    595     North Downs     18-40    1           0
    795     Angmar          40-50    3           1
    695     Enedwaith       65+      0           0
    695     Eregion         45-50    2           0
    595     Euindim         32-50    3           0
    595     Forochel        39-52    0           0
    695     Misty Mountain  39-50    1           0
    595     Trollshaws      30-50    0           0
    5610   All Zones

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    Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    Another good reason to level your characters up in Bree - slayer deeds and skirmishes. The two skirmishes that are available to F2P players are Trouble in Tuck (Shire) and Siege of G (Ered Luin) which are for regions you would not have started if you leveled in Bree. Running these you can quickly pile up the points from the following slayer deeds for 105 points:

    Ered Luin: Goblins, wolves, hendroval, & Brigands (60 points)
    Shire: Brigands, goblins, & wolves (45 points)

    Also as a bonus, by the time you hit L20 and can skirmish you should have gotten two 15 min. deed accelerators in the gift boxes. If you are not planning on saving them for later or you have not used them already, pop them during the first time you run both skirmishes and you should be able to whiz through the first tier of slayer deeds. This has been the most efficient use of the items for me. By the time you are done, you should also have gained a few levels as well which will make going back to the older areas a little faster.

    Another thing to note, hobbit racial deeds (goblins, wolves, & spiders) are the easiest to level. I would not be surpised to see a lot of hobbit hunters used for gaining TP.
    Last edited by robnkarla1; Sep 13 2010 at 02:53 PM.

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    Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    I remember a post from the beta f2p forums, where they have a link to a google docs data sheet with all the places and deeds, and respective tp.

    Anyone have the link?

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    Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    Thanks for the sum up, I'll definitely will check this every time I need!

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    Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs


    This is where I got the TP totals for the zones. I have it bookmarked, as it's very useful for trait grinding also.

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    Thumbs down Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    Great Guide..this should be stickied!

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    Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    Thank you very much for this guide. I'll definitely will check this before I buy any pack.

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    Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    Great guide!

    As a tip to new players who want to buy just the quest packs they need to level without having to do endless skirmishes: if you get either lone lands or north downs, along with either evendim or trollshaws and then Angmar, the quests in there will be enough to take you most of the way to 50 with very few gaps. Lvls 39 to 42 or so might need some extra skrimishing, but otherwise those zones along with the epic quests would let you quest your way to the f2p level cap.

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    Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    Thanks for the guide, very helpfull.

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    Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    I've had this bookmarked, and doing the suggestion at the end of the original post. While I am VIP for now, I'm saving TP to spend on Quest Packs for when I go down to premium. I've leveled 3 characters to 20, and earned nearly 700 TP. I just started Lone Lands tonight, and I really enjoyed it - the quests were all nicely connected, and you could do several quests in the same area at the same time. Much better than some of the F2P zones (The Shire, I love ya, but you kill me with all the running around). I did some skirmishing at the low 20's, and man that is some fast XP at this stage! But the quests are where the real fun is, and I like the plan of Lone Lands, Trollshaws, then Angmar to get me to 50.

    I do plan on going back to the "F2P" zones once my VIP runs out to finish up the deeds there quickly, and I have been doing some of the slayer deeds with skirmishing. Pretty much as the posts here recommend, and so far its a great game plan!

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    Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    If you do go back to grind more TPs, note that there is some low hanging fruit, deeds that are very fast to complete if you do them at level 27 or over (which means all mobs are grey). Just head to the right spots.


    • Brigand-slayer: Just skirmish.
    • Orc-Slayer: Camps in north Bree, near Trestlebridge.

    Ered Luin:

    • Goblin-Slayer: The large goblin area in central EL.
    • Hendroval-slayer: Just north of Thrasis Lodge.
    • Spider-slayer: Spider cave in the south area of the goblin camp.

    The Shire:

    • Goblin-slayer: Just skirmish.
    • Spider-slayer: Quarry in Scary. Don't forget to go down in the mine.
    • Wolf-slayer: Bridgefields Wall, across the river from Stock.
    • Brigand-slayer: Camp on top of the waterfall, west of Maggots farm, Bamfurlong.

    You can do all these very quickly, at 15 TPs each that is 135 TP. 9 Exploration deeds is another 45. With a horse (for fast exploration) you can do all these in an evening, for a total of 180. Bree Rep is also easy to get from the Bree Rep quests/dungeons, 30 TPs for Ally. There are probably a few spots I've missed as well.

    Note that if you not dirt poor $6.50 gives you twice as many points (420). If you are still F2P, give it serious consideration, as it will make you Premium. Premium gives you extra char slots, no tell and chat restrictions and a 5G gold cap, among other things.

    If you go the "one month of VIP" route, the most important thing to do is to level all toons you intend to play to 20 (preferably before your month starts), and then do the horseriding skill quest at Hengstacer Farm, north of Bree, on all toons.

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    Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    This is great, thanks Hassan!

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    Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    Nicely done, Hassan. I am forwarding this link to my f2p buddy who has been wondering where to go after Bree.

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    Thumbs down Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    Hurry up fellas and look at this 24 hour sale promotion (75% off)

    - Quest Pack: Lone-lands: from 350 for 88 Turbine Points.
    - Quest Pack: North Downs: from 595 for 149 Turbine Points.

    Also on sale:

    - 75% off Riding Skill: from 195 for 49 Turbine Points.

    I think it's a great opportunity for F2P players.

    Tip: I think you would edit the first post and add the link to the Lotro Store (http://www.lotro.com/lotrostoresale) where players can see the promotions that are currently going on.

    And thanks for this great guide.
    Last edited by Panico; Oct 13 2010 at 08:13 PM.

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    Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    First post edited, and +rep for the tip!

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    Re: Guide: What Zones to buy with your TPs

    Quest Pack North Downs 20% Off: http://www.lotro.com/lotrostoresale .


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