Can we please, please, please be a bit more thoughtful about how we advertise our kinships, please?

There is nothing wrong with recruiting in GLFF or in Regional channels, but for the love of all that is holy and just, can you please not post the same ad repeatedly in the same channel?

a. the blocks of text are pretty big and are punting up the other text on my screen . . . text I want to see.

b. have you considered just how desperate it looks when you post like that? Not to mention how it reflects on your kin.

I, personally, post approximately once every 45minutes-1 hour; maybe every 20 minutes while I was running in and out of Bree proper, and I received SEVERAL new recruits.

The people are there, the need is there, but really? Please save yourself the dubious honor of being my (and many others') first ignore listee.