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    Looking for a new kin.


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    Re: Looking for a new kin.

    HI Thindrahir!

    We here at OHaMB are always welcoming of strays. In fact, we've just stopped our spay/neuter policy with them..stupid court order. We have been around since Beta and are still pretty active with content including weekly Raiding. Our current runs include BG, DN, new Hele with an odd Watcher thrown in every now and again. We're a pretty relaxed Kin and we don't tolerate much ***-hattery, unless given a special dispensation via an ***-hat Daily Permit by a two-thirds majority vote of the Illuminati Council on the third Tuesday of every odd moth.

    So, hope I made you laugh, didn't scare you off already. If you'd like more info our website can be found at:


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    Re: Looking for a new kin.

    Hey thin!

    I would post a attempt to recruit you, but the current kin policy is no strays. With that being said, Eternal Reign, has been around since open beta, we're relatively small, close group of people. Who are very friendly, fun loving, and are more then eager to run anything, you can think of. We have people who do raids with groups of different kins, which there should be little problem getting you into. As far as PvP, Its kin law it be done naked with the possibility of wearing some type of hat weather it be made of a bear or straw

    ~ Unknown

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    Re: Looking for a new kin.

    Hello Thindrahir,

    Sorry to hear about your Kinmates leaving for greener pastures. On the plus side, there are alot of great kins here on Firefoot and I am sure you will find a new home quite easily. I would recommend you take a look at The Crescent Order (TCO). We are a mature casual gaming kinship that enjoy tackling end game content as well as the rest of the game content as well. Check us out at our forums here http://www.thecrescentorder.com/forums/.

    If you like what you see, feel free to contact myself or any other TCO officer in game. Good luck in your search.

    Alts: Daisin, Daes, Daess, Daese, Daesrk, Daesin

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    Re: Looking for a new kin.

    If you have not found a kin yet drop by the knights of elendil home page www.knightsofelendil.com. We are a medium sized casual oriented kin that "likes to do all the content". You are certainly welcome to join our ranks. We like some of the other good kins mentioned in this thread have been here since the early days.
    We have vent, an active kin forum, great friendly players, and a web based event manager where u can see what we have and are planning.

    Sorry to hear about your group. Feel free to look me up in game or through the forums here or our site for any questions I can answer. Good hunting

    Varele as the Cappy, Varros Hunter, Varlette the LoreMaster, and crew



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