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    Inquiry of possible kin for Crickhollow

    Due to Landroval ques and what not. Sanguine Moon is thinking of moving to Crickhollow. We would like to gauge interest from the roleplayers of Crickhollow on if anyone would be interested in a criminal guild based on the Darkbrotherhood concept of Oblivion I believe. All races and classes will be accepted (except elves). For those that know of the dark brotherhood it was an assassin group, but Sanguine Moon do not only assassinate players, we send our members out to assassinate npcs (specific named mobs). We also do not assassinate players that well.. dont wish to kill of their characters.

    We are a no drama kin. We are a no godmodding or metagaming kin.

    You can find out more information at sanguinemoon.guildlaunch.com.

    Thank you. Input would be greatly appreciated, but please keep it civil and polite.

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    Re: Inquiry of possible kin for Crickhollow

    The Weathertop Militia welcomes Sanguine Moon to Crickhollow!

    With that out of the way... be warned, the Militia stands firmly against villainy, tyranny, and other treacheries!

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    Re: Inquiry of possible kin for Crickhollow

    Sanguine Moon is looking into the possibility of migrating to this server. We will be giving up a level 10 kin as well as a lot of things on Landroval, so we want to be sure that it will be worth it to us and the new server to have a kin like ours there. From what I have read it seems a good bit of role play is going on here. Any other input would be greatly appreciated (thanks for the quick answer Dragor).

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    Re: Inquiry of possible kin for Crickhollow

    It's only been a day of official play but I've seen quite a few White Names running around the world and plenty of talk about Role Playing going on so I think you guys would be well met here.

    Though giving up a level 10 kin is a big step so you might want to give it a few days or be willing to put in a little time to test the waters.

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    Re: Inquiry of possible kin for Crickhollow

    I'd welcome it gladly.
    A little strife from things other than orcs could be just the spice needed to really flesh things out on Crickhollow.

    For the time being, I'm seeing a lot of RP talk but so far actually kicking it off with a loudness is taking some effort. The more we get here willing to walk the talk the better I say!
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    Re: Inquiry of possible kin for Crickhollow

    Sounds great! Well I'll be on trying out the server and rp so if you see Aelerria pass by feel free to say hi. Also feel free to put me on friends list incase we end up in different layers. <<Hates layers btw>>

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    Re: Inquiry of possible kin for Crickhollow

    I'm from Landroval myself and have many relationships there and friendships (IC of course) that I sadly will be letting go as I move here (or atleast putting on the shelf.) Its a brand new community, and we haven't had much time to prepare before hand for the RP'ers, but I promise you, as long as the prospective RP'ers continue to stand by the RP Community here, it will grow and flourish. Criminal RP is DEFINATELY wanted. It gives us good guys something to shoot at.
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