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    WTB LVL 65 RK stone with...

    I've identified hundreds of stones and have never found one with:

    Fury of Storm Crit Multiplier
    Fury of Storm Damage
    Battle Attuned Skill Power Cost

    I'm a little tired of it. If anyone finds a fire or lightning stone with those 3 legacies on it at ID, I'm paying well for it.

    Even if it doesn't have power cost, but the 2 Fury of Storm skills on it, I'm paying well for it.


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    Re: WTB LVL 65 RK stone with...

    Don't look for FoS crit multiplier on ID as you will never see it, you can only get that one on reforges at lvl 10, 20, and 30. Find a stone on ID that has FoS damage, and Battle attuned power cost and level it up. Just search the AH every day, they are quite abundant

    Hope this helps

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    Re: WTB LVL 65 RK stone with...

    Meliar is correct, you will never find one with fury of storm crit on ID.

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    Re: WTB LVL 65 RK stone with...

    I'm a bit picky with my stone so if you ask me just be a bit more patient and look for one with good stats on it as well. +morale/21 will or fate/ or tactical crit rating would be nice to have. spending all of your time getting scrolls of empowerment and the right relics and then finding a better stone and having to repeat the process is never fun...



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