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    Veteren Player looking for a good end game Kin

    Hey, I have played LOTR ONLINE on and off for about 4 years. I am a 39 year old father who is looking for a good Kin. My old kin is broken up into 2 groups and I am jumping out of the drama and looking for some new m8s to run with. I have a 65 Captain that is pretty solid, a 64 1/2 Runekeeper that is solid and a 65 Mini that I have leveled but i'm not the greatest healer yet. I'm looking for a kin with older players and no *******s who cry or act like babies if the party wipes once in a while. Just good people who love a good challenge and can joke around. I'm not afraid of a repair bill and will ask questions from time to time. I'm an average player that will pull his weight in raids. I dont care for PvP and dont study the player designs so my characters are solid but not uber. Have killed everything but DN, the watcher and the Naz in mirkwood. Using Vent is a must and I will fill out any applications if needed or go through a tryout or whatever. Looking for a medium sized Kin that would have 12 -15 players on any given night. My players names all start with Path in game. Pathimir is my Captain that I'm on him the most. Thanks for your time and hope to hear from some good kins that need a captain and healers or DPS. If interested give me some contact info and ill look you up.

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    Re: Veteren Player looking for a good end game Kin

    Greetings there Barthimirr!

    It sounds like Champions of the Ages might be a decent fit for you. We're a medium sized kin that's been hanging out in Firefoot since just prior to launch. On most nights you'll find roughly that 12 - 15 people that you're looking for, plus or minus a couple... and roughly 25+ active individuals. The age range is basically anywhere from a few in college to a couple of retirement age... most in late 20s through mid 40s. We don't make a habit of asking people's ages, so that's just a general feel of things.

    With the newly released stuff, we've been checking out some of the Annuminas instances, Helegrod wings, some School and Library, etc... mainly just the revamped instances to see what they offer at the moment.

    We are not currently doing DN or BG but with just a couple more people that are game for it, we'd like to attempt the 'casual raiding' approach that this game seems to be open to. Once we finish checking out this new stuff and get a good feel for it, then we hope to put together a raid group to push further in the content and also schedule some new general events and runs for the kin as a whole.

    So basically, if you don't have to have a kin that is currently in DN, BG, etc and would like to check out a place to just hang out and make a push to the next step, then we might be a good spot for ya.

    Here's our recruitment thread that's a bit down the page, and also please feel free to check out our site (in my sig). Just PM me here or look me up or mail me - or any officer/member for any questions, should any arise.


    Bummer to hear about your current kin and good luck in the hunt for a new one.
    - Gonz
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    Re: Veteren Player looking for a good end game Kin

    Hey Path, Eternal Reign has the potential of being what you're looking for. We're generally a tight group of players anywhere from 5-10 people can be found around prime time. Most of us are at the cap (65) and are eager to do runs of all sorts, we have multiple avenues for raiding with other kins like ourselves.

    We joke, and try to enjoy our time in game to the best of our ability. As far as maturity goes, you'll hear no complaints about attempting to do something seemingly impossible to accomplish, whatever the reasons may be

    Also like to note the kin itself as well as some of the members have been around in this game just as long as you, so we have plenty of stories of the old days to share. If you're interested contact me in game or these forums. Or send a tell to an officer you find online. Our website, is currently down for maintenance, as a recent update kinda screwed up some things.

    Hope to hear from you.


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    Re: Veteren Player looking for a good end game Kin

    Hello Barthimirr,

    If you are looking for a mature and casual gaming kinship then I would suggest that you check out The Crescent Order (TCO) at our forums http://www.thecrescentorder.com/forums/.

    We have a good group of folks with a wide range of levels. On any given night we usually have between 15 and 20 folks on, so there is almost always something going. Drop a line to me or any other TCO officer in game if you are interested in TCO.

    Good luck in your search for a new home.

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    Re: Veteren Player looking for a good end game Kin

    Hey I'm not the lead recruiter for Mithril Knights (Casual raiding kin) however perusing these posts I think we might fit your criteria. We have the watcher and DN on farm every week, with 2+ watcher groups each time. Just recently we downed Durchest HM and the Twins HM in BG, And plan to continue to do so. We have a medium to larger sized kin atmosphere with many players online. We have a strictly 18+ rule so there's a complete void in the drama department. All vets from SoA days leading the kin and all very fun friendly. We do request you fill out at an application that can be found here http://www.mk-net.org/

    I encourage you to look at as many kinships as you can before you make a decision, Hope you find what you're looking for!

    Happy Hunting!

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