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Thread: Elronds Aid

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    Elronds Aid

    For all of the Players here at Imaldris we are Elrond's Aid

    We have a fun and open kinship with over 320 members. We focus on supporting those new to the game and lending a helping hand to any in need. We have a few of the servers 50's in our kin and they lend hands to any that have not achieved those levels both in and out of the kin. We as a kin focus on building communities. The Kin is starting weekly comptitions and fellowship/raid nights. We currently have a lot of skirmish groups going at any one time due to the diverse levels of the kinship. We have members from around the world. US, France, Australia, Briton, Canada, and Germany to name just a few to the various nationalities that we represent.

    We have a website: www.elrondsaid.com with Vent support. Here you can get more information about us and what we are doing. Or you can contact Thenufiel, Garyth, Ravenanna, Grimbalwine, or Whitechapel in game with any questions you may have about the kin or the people in it.
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    Re: Elronds Aid

    Here is an update for those of you that want to know about our friendly kin.

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    Re: Elronds Aid

    The link to the website isn't working. Is the site down? or has it changed?

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    Re: Elronds Aid

    Quote Originally Posted by Beornigar View Post
    For all of the Players here at Imaldris we are Elrond's Aid

    We have a website: www.elrondsaid.com with Vent support. Here you can get more information about us and what we are doing. Or you can contact Thenufiel, Garyth, Ravenanna, Grimbalwine, or Whitechapel in game with any questions you may have about the kin or the people in it.


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    Re: Elronds Aid

    Found this on a site.
    Elrond's Aid? No thank you.

    Raven: 'and what talk would that be?'
    Blaydez: 'you knwo very well why im here dont you dear? ... its funny... I used to be able to call you my best friend... not sure what happened...'
    Raven: 'i have nothing to explain. i'm very happy in where i am'
    Karnath: 'but now after back stabbing me and all your other friends here for a self centered jerk cause he was powerleveling its ok to continue this?'
    Karnath: 'thats fine Raven I grew to deal with that'
    Karnath: 'HOWEVER'
    Karnath: 'I have an issue with you and grim working behind the scenes and trying to under mine us and steal our 50s'
    Karnath: 'our high levels in general'
    Raven: 'they contact us, not the other way around'
    Karnath: 'its low its pathetic its dirty its underhanded and its weak'
    Karnath: 'DONT LIE TO ME RAVEN'
    Karnath: 'I ahve several reportesx screen shots and foward messages of YOU and grim doing it'
    Raven: 'i do not send tells to members of Elrond's Aid, only when they send a tell to me first'
    Karnath: 'which BTW is reportable and guess what me having dealt with the Devs many tiems and actuaslly being good enoiuigh to call one a friend on the other servers Devs dont liek this kinda play'
    Karnath: 'Raven we have prove saying otherwise and if thats the case then maybe you should watch your accoutns more clsoely'
    Raven: 'be advised that i am logging this chat. I do not take kindly to threats'
    Karnath: 'cause I have direct screen shots of you on this very toon trying to pull phal'
    Karnath: 'please do'
    Karnath: 'and its not a threat Raven... its a fact'
    Karnath: 'you guys need to leave us alone or I WILL report you guys to the devs'
    Karnath: 'what you guys are doing is low and underhanded and grims right we cant do anything aobut it but the Devs can'
    Karnath: 'and if it continues I will report grim and anyone aiding them HOWEVER'
    Karnath: 'since we were once bestfrineds and I do still like you as a friend id rather nto see that happen'
    Karnath: 'which is why im trying to talk this otu with you'
    Karnath: 'you guys have caused enough trouble for us if you guys wanna break off and make a seperate kin fin but leave us alone'
    Raven: 'i bet there r a lot of kins that talk with other kin trying to get them to join'
    Raven: 'its part of the game'
    Karnath: 'ya and ive seen kins removed and the people doing that banned for it'
    Karnath: 'its unfair play its low and devs dont like it'
    Karnath: 'now if your un willing to wokr with us and you guys will continue doing this fine then I'll go ahead and report you guys now... is that the case?'
    Karnath: 'I would really perfer if it wasnt'
    Raven: 'look, if people aren't happy in Elrond's Aid and want to join a different kin, its their choice. we don't offer bribes or anything else.'
    Karnath: 'on the contrary we have proof otherwise'
    Raven: 'we don't do powerleveling, we don't pay them gold or silver. no one powerleveled me'
    Karnath: 'they are happy here they are getting endless crpa form you guys and you guys offer and bribe them with powerleveling and grim saying that he will get them all the endgame stuff'
    Karnath: 'and Raven grim powerleveled you.... lvl 30 running wit ha 65 is powerleveling'
    Karnath: 'and Raven even if it isnt you and its grim its still an issue'
    Raven: 'the only lvling that Grim and Garyth helped me with was for my scholar so he could do the scholar's quest'
    Raven: 'which may i remind u provided a lot of red dye for Elrond's Aid'
    Karnath: 'and thats fine and as ive said even if tis nto you its still grim'
    Karnath: 'and btw grim si no leader no leader has to leach off other kins to survive which si exactly what you all are doing'
    Karnath: 'oh and steal from us may I add'
    Raven: 'not the way i see it. we r not twisting any1's arm to join us. People join because they want to.'
    Raven: 'can't see how we can steal from u'
    Blaydez has been added to your friends list.
    Karnath: 'If Grim and you were so great, you'd be able to get your own people. Your leeches with an ineffective leader, because a real leader could build his own kin rather than running to Momma's skirts.'
    Karnath: 'and that was worded by grim'
    Karnath: 'by garyth I mean'
    Raven: 'we stand on our own two feet. we have no desire to be a kin as large as a corporation'
    Karnath: 'That's a laugh. You're not standing on your own two feet, you using Elrond's Aid as a crutch,, standing on their backs, we're carrying you, because youcan't make it on your own.'
    Karnath: 'again worded by garyth'
    Karnath: 'You just can't take hear the truth. Like Regolas said, A kin of parasites'
    Raven: 'if u have a problem with us, i suggest u speak to Grim directly.'
    Karnath: 'oh trust em I will be but right nwo im tlsaking to you'
    Karnath: 'Grim's afraid of us...as he should be.'
    Karnath: 'And besides, you're the one sneaking around sending the tells'
    Raven: 'Grim knows exactlly what's going on'
    Karnath: 'Waah, we can't grow on our own, waaaah, we can't make it,, waaaah come join us because we can't get anyone else.'
    Raven: 'isn't it your nap time? u r acting like a spoiled child right now'
    Karnath: 'eh those are all worded by garyth I was trying to talk civilized -.-'
    Raven: 'we all know what Garyth said. we r backstabbing leeches if i remember correctly'
    Raven: 'trying to take over Elrond's Aid. what a bunch of manure.'
    Raven: 'i've advanced quite nicely in this kin than i was in Elrond's Aid and so have my alts.'
    Raven: 'if people aren't happy here, we don't force them to stay, nor do we boot them if they want to leave and r saying good bye to the kin'
    Raven: 'we don't need committees to arrange instance runs or help on quests. someone needs help, they get it'
    Karnath: 'ok I was tyryingf to go through this civlized till gayr butted in rudely'
    Raven: 'yes, we do have kin rules concerning language usage, but we don't boot people for talking about other games either'
    Raven: 'nor is it forbidden to talk to people that belong to other kins'
    Karnath: 'Raven chill all IM asking is quit before we report you guys and gett you all banned is that szo hard?'
    Raven: 'and i don't like being threatened for speaking my mind. we r not poaching Elrond's Aid members. since those people have to make their own decision to leave or not'
    Karnath: 'sitting there nagging our members till they join you is underhanded and dirty Ravne just shut up and lsiten to me for a minute ok?>'
    Karnath: 'as you say garyth is taking this very seriosuly and si very close to reporting'
    Raven: 'i'm listening. i've had other kins contact me, asking me to join them. its part of the game'
    Raven: 'and remember, this is a game, not real life'
    Karnath: 'im trying to ask you guys to stop and leave all Elrond's Aid members alone and stop stealign our membesr if you cant do that you will be reported'
    Karnath: 'its still public'
    Karnath: 'last chance leave Elrond's Aid alone ro be reported'
    Raven: 'then u better make it an Elrond's Aid kin rule, telling them not to send our members tells.'
    Karnath: 'and the devs WILL tkae care fo this'
    Raven: 'we have done nothing wrong. this is the end of the matter in my opinion'



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