Greetings and good morning to you all. In hopes of creating a fun and close community (giving all credit to the Landroval coffee house), I would suggest we take action and create a daily forum gathering place.

Might I suggest the Crickhollow Marketplace. Come one and all to share your news, stories, and more. A place were you can open your own news stand ( stories of your in game doings), fruit stand (offer up in game treats), tinker stall, or whatever your intrests.

If this catches on it does; if not, well I gVe it a shot.


Borden stopped the ponies just outside the Bree gates just as pink began to lighten the eastern sky. With the help of his companions he pulled the packs of the animals and began to sort through the items they had for trade this day.

"Triston, I sure hope we get some intrest in our wares today."

Triston nodded in agreement, and replied "Trade sure has been tough this year with the rough roads and brigands. It will sure be a hard road back to Dale if we cannot return with the packs lighter, and more coin in the bag."