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    Mushroom Content for on level classic Raids/Instances

    Mushroom content is for doing on level classic content in Moria, Mirkwood, Isengard etc we do raids and instances as it was designed and made, we starting in Moria, if have alt level 58-60? or level up and join us for the fun! Not required but there is item stone of the tortoise which disables XP so you don't out level content if want. we will start Saturdays at 5PM EST -5 GMT. we also have an Unofficial Crickhollow Discord Server, which has Mushroom content channel for communication, its also used for anyone who on crickhollow https://discord.gg/xTSzcqR . anyway hope to see you in game and join the fun! Contact me in game or discord in interested! (Note: this not a kinship, its a group)
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