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    Lamath uin Gwaith ( Heavy RP )

    Among the dust and debris that drifts across the ground in Combe is a single, small poster, skipping across the ground as it flutters back and forth across the ground, it's destination uncertain and its purpose lacking clarity until it stops, wrapping around the leg of a large, thick legged Man. He leans down, grabbing the offending parchment from his leg and straightening it, sea-grey eyes looking it over as a simple smile reaches his lips. The Man moves up the steps of the Combe and Wattle Inn, each movement seemingly rehearsed, each step deliberate and calculated as the aged steps groan and buckle under his weight. Strangers and passersby pause for a moment as he approaches, their eyes drifting up the massive figure until they realize they are staring, some continue, others clear their throats and continue on their way as he moves to a pair of nails in the wall and places the parchment through them and turns quietly, walking off.

    The parchment reads as thus:
    Lamath uin Gwaith:

    Unity in Strength. Faith in Unity.
    Find the life you wish to have.

    OOC: What is Lamath uin Gwaith?

    Lamath uin Gwaith or "Voice of the People" is a Heavy RP Kinship designed around one simple concept: Home.
    Everyone has things that they wished they could have done differently, even among the Elder Races, they can be found. Those that have made poor decisions in their lives, or have made a wrong turn, or even someone who simply needs a place to call a safe home. This kinship is designed for those seeking a new lease on life, criminals attempting to reform, deserter soldiers and mercenaries to the farmers and merchants who have merely become statistics in the war that is being waged. All deserve a home, and all will find that in this place. It is my goal to provide a strong, realistic and lore appropriate, immersive experience to share with the RP community of Crickhollow. There will be recruiting fairs, farmer's markets and the like to reinforce a positive community and experience for the RPers of my new home.

    OOC expectations:
    Be respectful of others, including the Non-RPers of the server regardless of the situation.
    Keep in mind that by wearing our kinship tag, you are a consistent ambassador of our kinship, and represent not just us, but your fellow RPers across the server.
    Drama is going to occur, it is a curse of the RPer as a fact of life, though it will be contained, will remain civil and we will handle it inside our doors.
    All races are welcome within the confines of the lore. More will be posted on the kinship website, which will be up within the week and will be added to my signature, continue to check back.

    For more information, questions and interests, contact Andugal.
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    Re: Lamath uin Gwaith

    Very nice Introduction!

    The Weathertop Militia welcomes you to Crickhollow

    [b][color=gold]Dragor Stoneheart ~ [url=http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=373380&TabID=3134226][u]Weathertop Militia[/u][/url][/color][/b]

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    Re: Lamath uin Gwaith

    ( Thank you for the compliment Dragor, and happy to be here. Now lets all work together to make the Crickhollow RP community as strong and positive as it can be! )
    Keep. Moving. Forward.
    Baravor: 50 Captain, Landroval.

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    Re: Lamath uin Gwaith

    ( Hope to see this one up and running very soon )
    [color=#4CC552]~ Koteas[/color]
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