Now that we are in the early stages of setting up our community here, I want to ask what is it you want to see in this developing community? Particularly, I want to aim at what was very popular among the Role Players of Landroval... Breeland. It was rather a centric place to our RP, and I expect that when Crickhollow grows, it will be so here as well. I ask this, because frankly, I've seen a lot regarding the hobbity lands and characters, but little in regards to this... and while I hope that Crickhollow will finally branch out RP to the other lands of middle earth! (which Landroval in its later days kind of failed at), I am personally interested in the man community that will arise in Breeland.

Personally, I'd like to see unity among the starting kinships from the very beginning. A governmental system like Landroval had, but not nearly as monumental, and much more under a republican theme, where elections would be held annually or every six months or so. I think it would be neat to branch out beyond a "Justice" system, but have a "Mayor" or "Mayor's Assistant" or even a "Town Council" To branch out and run festivals and events. I'd like to see Bree turn into a living and breathing town here, just as it were in Landroval, and I hope that in time it will. Furthermore, I think its important while we build on this Niche, we also find ways to collaborate with other communities (such as the shire community as well) Traderoutes (I know we all love our pipeweed and shire ale!), among festivals and celebrations... I even think it would be great to get Role Playing Neighborhoods set up, just as they were in Landroval, for each community. Anyway, we have to start small right now, so I won't go ranting on and on about my dreams and ambition for Crickhollow... but rather, I'd like to hear what everyone else would like to see out of the Role Playing Community here... while I speak revolving around Breeland mostly, this thread is for everyone. Just state what you'd like to see develop out of this community! Very interested to see some responses.