With the advent of a new server we have the opportunity to build a strong, positive, cooperative community. As part of this, I started the Crickits United website. The site offers features that go beyond the limits of the Lotro forums. Right now the content is somewhat limited, but it will grow as our community grows.

For all members: All kinships that wish to participate will have their goals, website, recruitment status, and other pertinent information listed in a format that allows for players to compare them and make the right choice. The site also offers a community calendar for server-wide events and the forums are broken down into more sections that meet specific needs.

For the RPers: This site allows you to keep your stories in a central location and add chapters as you go along. This site also aims to help facilitate event planning. I am new to this world so I would love any input on what the RP community needs.

For Crafters: This section is still being developed as the tools provided are a bit limited, but members will be able to post their crafting needs and crafters can take on the assignments. The site will eventually offer the opportunity to "set up a shop"--you can list what you are able to make and members can contact you directly with their requests.

For kin leaders: In addition to the ability to submit your own kinship listing, I have set up a forum in which all Crickhollow kin leaders (or representative officers) can gather to set up joint events, form alliances, share advice, and discuss the community.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please share. But more than that, I'd love for folks to join up, start adding stories and images, posting kinship info, and contributing what they can. The site is located at http://crickits.lotrosites.com and I hope you'll visit and become a member.