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    Post Knights of Noldor

    Looking for 8 or more players to found a new kinship in Imladris server. The goal is to focus in end-game content (raiding). Hoping to create a nice, helpful and fun community, where players can guide new F2P player in their way up to 65. Since the kinship name is of elven origins we will be using a elven kinship char for appropiate tittle names to keep the lore, but all players are welcome. Send me a tell or mail me in game to Aellian.

    Thanks and hope to see you in game!

    Edit: We have found the kinship!

    Well guys yes we have made it and are currently reaching 3 pages of recruits. We are recruiting only for applications through our web page at www.guildportal.com/guild/340340 . We have downgraded the amount of recruits to a minimun for now (Not recruiting through game chat) (This doesn't mean you can't join at all, but with some conditions, read the rules and apply through our web page). Well I want to get a solid group and get to know my officers. Also building up some reputation through the server. See you in game and hope you join. We already set up a Ventrillo server for better comunication while raiding.
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    Re: Knights of Noldor

    Suilad Mellon!
    My main char is a Noldor and i'm able to join if the kinship is able for a light RP. You can contact me in game, Atanwe.
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