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    Crickhollow shaping up nicely

    3 hours ingame and not one hitch or lag for me.DX11 on full and always over 100 toons in my mirror. there was so much excitement there were npcs hanging out of the windows in Archet to see what all the commotion was. Exciting and fun. Thanks to Anreths "crickit" idea the first kin I saw promoting was....."Crickit"!
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    Whilst cooking for Elevensies, Tinki floors 2 Orcs with her frying pan and fresh caught fish. The frying pan critted for 18 hp and the fish was extra tender afterwards.

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    Re: Crickhollow shaping up nicely

    Good to hear! I'm currently in the patching and updating stage, hope to be in-game in a couple hours or so to meet a few fellow Crickits.

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    Re: Crickhollow shaping up nicely

    *giggle*... I should express my interest in that kin and be Crickit of Crickit ... that wouldn't lead to any identity crisis on my part at all now would it?

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    Re: Crickhollow shaping up nicely

    I ran Filidan through the intro and new Archet beginner instance this morning during a conference call. Interesting changes, but no hitches. Apparently I only missed Elevensies by a few minutes, though...
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