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Thread: Name snakes!

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    Name snakes!

    Who ever thought the land rush would grab my name!
    Tuco of the Quick Post

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    Re: Name snakes!

    oy vey
    sorry to hear about that.

    glad to hear things are up and live now
    but how pathetic that names are being snapped up so fast

    I won't be on for at least 4-5 days, so I know my name is
    going to be long gone, and probably most normal derivations of it, too XD

    still, can't let the names get to you, i suppose.
    Caralie Carlin of Arkenstone
    "There is suffering in the light; in excess, it burns. Flame is hostile to the wing.
    To burn and yet to fly, that is the miracle of genius." -- Victor Hugo

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    Re: Name snakes!

    T'wasn't me!!!

    I went with: CHIRP hobbit hunter.

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    Re: Name snakes!

    Thank you for posting this thread! I was getting ready for work, didn't know the servers were up, and might have missed out on my names! I got in just before they took the Login server down for more testing.

    So I grabbed Bellus and Scormus (my favorite names), plus Adrian and Calian, and even dared to snag Den (a name I'd always wanted but was always taken in the past). Unfortunately, my wife hasn't gotten in yet, so we hope her favorite name will be available in the morning, when she gets home from work.

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    Re: Name snakes!

    Hopefully people will do what I did at release and plan to do soon.

    I grabbed all the names I normally use (or want to use) on all the servers I am interested in. Once the servers start developing I will focus my play on a server (or two) then free up all the others.

    I picked up some names on here, Crickhollow and Riddermark. I like short names (two letters) so they go quick, right now I plan to only Creep play on one of these servers, so I will drop the names ones on other. but that may take a couple months

    BTW: I did not take Tuco, but its a great name, sorry you didn't get it.



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