Every muscle in his body sang, tingling with control as he came round again, bringing the edge of his short sword down in an angled arc. It's twin blade followed in with deadly accuracy, lopping off the well beaten edge of a sinister hay-bale.

His imagination tumbled. On and on with replaying the possibilities of tomorrows events. The trials of the eohere.
He'd been practicing non-stop for months. Dangers at the borders had been increasing of late and the need for more riders was ten fold. He knew, as he'd known since he could remember remembering, he would be soon wielding his weapons under the banner of the King.
Sleep would not come, the excitement buzzing around in his head too much a distraction. So here, again, he practiced against the crop foes of his father's farm. His mother would give him an earful when she saw the fate of the Cabbage harvest.

"Oh foul cabbage. Thou shalt not see another stew while I ride these lands!" Thwunk!-rattle... he paused at the out of place rattle, tilting his head for a better listen. It had come a bit off from where he now stood. ~rattleting~ behind the stables.
Horse thieves!
They had been growing more bold lately, stealing the steeds right out from under their sleeping heads at the surrounding steads of Upbourn.
At the chaotic upheaval of stamping hooves and upset winnies, his stance broke, running full toward the stables.

At the door, his charge was cut short by the sudden appearance of one of his family's own stallions, quickly reacting he grabbed the frayed rope that had been wound round it's neck, raising his sword blindly toward the rider. Shouting erupted on the other side of the door, his feet kicked out from under him, the horse obeying it's rider's mad-urge to storm forward. His arms burned with the effort to hold tight, the stallion protesting against his struggling weight. A flash of silver caught his eye - CRUNK! - bright pain... and then all was black.

...he woke to a dull throb in his temple and the smell of damp, stifling air. Darkness folded away from his eyes resistantly, the confines of a cell taking shape before them-

"Wake up! There is no time to lose."


(( Just an intro. Hopefully I haven't taken too many irksome liberties and even more hopefully I've gotten the time line right for certain events. I know the stories but am far from a lore expert! ))