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    Crickhollow hobbit PvMP action

    Mayor Wat Mudbottom, in Hoarhallow far to the west of Glán Vraig, through the Grimwood Forest, on the banks of the Hoarwell River needs your aid.

    Beset by the Enemy, the Hobbits of Hoarhallow refuse to give up the land they own to the forces of Angmar. Wat needs your help...

    ============================== ==================

    Those looking for a change in PvMP play, come roll a hobbit on the new Crickhollow server, level up and lend your club and bow to mini-action in and around Hoarhallow. A bunch of us are looking forward to seeing a PvMP Hobbit only kin or two forming up ranks with mobs of small folks swarming the southern banks of the Hoardale.

    P.S. Flea riddled wargs come get some pudding!

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    Re: Crickhollow hobbit PvMP action

    Can the hobbits dress up like orcs? Some of us quite like their armor.

    Can the flea-ridden wargs dress up as bunny rabbits? The hobbits will try to turn us into slippers, and we can happily gnaw at their feet at our leisure.
    Always brush your feet before you leave the house.

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    Re: Crickhollow hobbit PvMP action

    My half sized Hunter cannon should be there in ... ah ... 6 to 8 weeks. Maybe we can get off STAB and bunker down in Hoardale until the freeps come play in numbers. And, of course I won't be using those farmers as hobbit shields, no way, that's not right



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