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Thread: Down Time

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    Down Time

    So whats everyone doing today during the down time? Im going to do some RL LOTRO and put some armor on grab my level 65 2nd age club (softball bat) and slay the howling beast of the land yonder (the dog next door that wont quit barking) then go to the local pug and enjoy some mead (go get drunk on my front porch) then retire to my house (pass out on porch swing)

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    Re: Down Time

    wat rlly suks is that this is my last day of summer vacation....and stuff is down. so, im gonna spend the downtime crying my eyes out. anyone wanna join me?
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    Re: Down Time

    At the moment? I'm in class. Which is more like "sit around and browse the forums because 'lecture' was all of 5 minutes long". Come 4:30 I'll be at work, unfortunately.

    So yeah, keeping busy, but not by choice.
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    Re: Down Time

    workin' for a livin' so I can buy 100's of F2P morale pots and destroy you all

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