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    Will T1-2 jewelry be in demand in a new world?

    I remember my kin in beta being very desirous of the jewelry I'd make, but after reading the rage thread in the Jewelers forum over the jewelry stat changes in March, I'm wondering if it's worth pursuing. I don't recall a lot of quest rewards being better than crafted in beta, but maybe I am just ignorant of what the different stats actually do.

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    Smile Re: Will T1-2 jewelry be in demand in a new world?

    I'm not sure, and I'm not sure if anyone else can know either. This is a new server. No new servers have been released since...release, right? So it's really hard to tell how everything is going to pan out, especially since there may or may not be a lot of new F2Pers on Crickhollow. I'm actually really curious how everything is going to be.

    I know personally I'm a little hurting for silver. Between no one buying anything on the AH yet, buying skills, I don't have a lot of extra coin to spend on anything. After a few days/weeks things may change. I think if you price things that take into consideration that this is a new server, you'll make a profit or at least break even (and allow you to skill up further). But what do I know? I haven't played that much.

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    Re: Will T1-2 jewelry be in demand in a new world?

    The T1 & 2 crafted jewelry is still better than quest rewards -- even after the Jeweller nerf. However, it is not TONS better. I would focus on making jewelry that is not easily obtainable in game. For example, I didn't even have a necklace on my race of Man character until level 23. There were no quest rewards for one. I think I used the +1 Might/Vitality rings until around that level as well because there were no quest rewards for those either.

    When you post your jewelry, remember that people don't have loads of money here. There are no rich aunts or uncles willing to pop down a few hundred silver every few levels for new jewelry. I would recommend pricing non-crit T1 & 2 jewelry for 15-25 silver at most, and the crit stuff for no more than 50 silver.

    As you get into the higher tiers, you can start charging more because players will have more money.
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