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    Smile New player looking for a helpful kin

    I am a lvl 31 Champion, currently questing in the Lone-Lands. I am looking for a kin that provides help for members with difficult quests, deeds, etc. I'm not extremely social, but I think once I meet some people in-game, I'll come out of my shell. I also like to focus on crafting, exploring, and skirmishes. Please consider me for your kin!

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    Re: New player looking for a helpful kin


    As many will contend, there are many a good kin here on Firefoot... however, seeing as how my lil' burg is leader of one of them, I'm inevitably going to put our name in the running.

    We're Champions of the Ages - a medium sized kin comprised of generally helpful folk of a wide variety. I put up a recruitment thread that's slipped a little down the page, so feel free to view it for some more information if you like.


    We're planning on recruiting some more players as F2P launches, so there should be more and more people around your level, aside from who is currently there in kin. Most of the current players are higher level but we all have some alts and can all help out or lend advice where needed.

    Additionally, feel free to check out our website at http://cota.guildportal.com.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to send a PM here or look up any members or officers (listed in both links) in-game.

    Take care and good luck w/ your search!
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    Re: New player looking for a helpful kin


    As DrGonzo mentioned, lots of good kins on Firefoot. Please feel free to check us out as well. www.knightsofelendil.com We do regular events in the Shadows of Angmar, Moria and Mirkwood area and you would be welcome to join us.

    We have a fairly active kin site, friendly and helpful members, ventrilo (if you want to use it), and a web based event manger (which you can review past months to see if you like the events we run)

    Feel free to check us out or drop me a note in game.

    I tend to play several toons, but can usually be found on Varele, Varruk, Varlette or Varcos

    Good luck and good hunting.

    Varele as the Cappy, Varros Hunter, Varlette the LoreMaster, and crew

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    Re: New player looking for a helpful kin

    Hello Vege,

    As everyone has already mentioned, Firefoot has quite a few good kins on it and alot of good people here. If you have not found a home yet, I would recommend that you take a look at The Crescent Order (TCO). You can find out more about us here http://www.thecrescentorder.com/foru...ad.php?t=12864

    Take a look and if you like what you see feel free to speak with me or any other officer of TCO in game. Good luck in your search for a home and happy adventuring!

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    Re: New player looking for a helpful kin

    Who wants to be social these days anyway =]. Shield Defenders is a very friendly kin alwas willing to help when able with all aspects of the game such as Fellowship Quests,Crafting,Gear as you level, Instances and overall character advice. Please feel free to visit us on our site http://shielddefenders.guildhosting.org/ we take applications online aswell as In-game tells to an Officer online. The best people to contact in-game if interested would be either Renedor or myself on my minstrel Venrale, I am ussually on my champ who is in a large raiding kin so feel free to contact me on Thulock aswell.
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