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    Role Play Guides for New Players

    Since Crickhollow is shaping up to be a RP focused server I thought it would be a good idea to direct new players and old to some wonderful guides on role play. They're a great introduction. Just look for Role Play Guides from the link below and have fun reading. Of course there's lots of great reading there, so help yourself to any of the guides.

    Beyond those general guides, one can find that individual kinships might adopt their own RP style, meaning they might be light to immersive. In other words they may be light to heavy and engage in out of character (OOC) and in character (IC) chat freely and to different degrees. Immersive kinships are just that, they play the game IC with very little OOC. Immersive kinships tend to focus heavily on character development and can engage in player driven stories. Light RP kinships can touch on the same elements, but not in a heavy way. Suffice to say, there's lots of variety.

    People can find RP all around in LOTRO. When players have their floaty names in white, it means they are in RP mode and sometimes open to RP. The larger kinships tend to mix it up in order to appeal to all its members and the smaller kinships can sometimes be more focused in their RP style.

    By and large, it's not complicated and very easy. Things can get touchy in this game when it comes to lore specific RP. Since the game is based on a very large body of work, most people like to see others respect those writings. In other words, players aren't necessarily drawn to other players who play outside the lore. You know, the player who created an ultra powerful character, or names that don't fit the race, the vampire elf that can fly or even players who tie their lineage to the characters Tolkien created. It's best to use your own judgment and don't colour too far outside the lines. After all, you will find plenty of RP events around Middle-earth where Elves, Dwarfs, Hobbits, and Men all gather together to play music, read poems and all sorts of fun things. It probably isn't very lore specific for such a variety of races to gather at various places from time to time around Middle-earth, but it is an accepted practice and always lots of social fun. So there is a bit of give and take.

    Here's the link I mentioned earlier and I hope you have fun. There's lots of help out there and I find most can be very understanding and offer plenty of assistance. One guide I feel is missing is character development for great RP. Just keep mind that a back-story is important for your character to find his or her identity and a lot of time can be invested into a character as they take shape and grow.

    Maybe someone can offer a few RP tips for the new players planning to come to Crickhollow.

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    Re: Role Play Guides for New Players

    I'm stocking the pantries and combing the hair on my feet, getting ready for Wednesday...

    and in the game!

    (truthfully, I have hair on the tops of my feet.)

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    Re: Role Play Guides for New Players

    Good summary post Jikan, should be helpful to those who struggle and/or aren't familiar with RP.

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    Re: Role Play Guides for New Players

    Excellent post!

    I would add to never be afraid to be yourself... er, your character
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    Re: Role Play Guides for New Players

    While not a role playing guide, per-say, here is an excellent source of information on the world and happenings of Middle Earth. A Cliff's Notes, if you will.

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    Re: Role Play Guides for New Players

    Thank you for the intro. As someone who's been soloing on Brandwine for the last six months I'm looking for something different. I'm looking forward to a little RPing on a new server. I'm just starting, but my haggard hobbit Paulbo is a little hard of hearing and rough around the edges but always happy to help a fellow hobbit out.



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