Mordor or Bust Podcast Episode 14: Bite Your Tongue

Lots to talk about in our last podcast before LOTRO F2P launches! We start with a quick reminder about the F2P head start. We discuss some controversial LOTRO Store items that were removed or changed. We review a couple new dev diaries about crafting updates and addons for F2P. PAX is going on as we record this, so we have a few show updates for you. We talk about the premiere of the Inside MoB video series AND the world exclusive screenshot of the new LOTRO flying mount — it is HOT!

We have more! Mithlas brings us another excellent installment of Lorefix! Xusia has another excellent roundup of news from Codemasters! Blademartial brings us the 2nd installment of his crafting segment! Plus we bring you the Community Calendar, Poll Results, Fansite Focus and of course, much, much more!

Middle-earth News

  • Middle Earth Chronicles SS Contest
  • F2P Head Start Info
  • Dev Diary: Crafting Update
  • Dev Diary: LUA Scripting
  • New F2P Promo Video
  • Exclusive: LOTRO Flying Mount!
  • Inside MoB Video Series