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    Exclamation Where will we meet?

    Hello all! I represent a bunch of people from Vilya server that're planning on making characters on Crickhollow. We all enjoy the occasional RP, and the type of community that breeds.

    Can we pick one of the taverns or some other spot that will be a place to hang out and meet for those, like us, that want to meet up with other casual-to-serious RPers at the launch of the new server? It would be nice if there was such a spot, especially since many of us are coming from disparate servers, and none of us know what our character names will be yet.

    I would suggest the Bird & Baby if it's just for the first two days before the FTP players get in. Otherwise, perhaps the Green Dragon or some other place that will be less overrun by orphans.

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    Re: Where will we meet?

    Since it's seeming that The Shire is going to be overflowing with adventurous Hobbitses, The Bird and Baby is likely a fine selection. Perhaps, though, the Green Dragon would be something a little less "usual".

    Let's see what the others think, hm?
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    Re: Where will we meet?

    Elevensies at the bird and baby sounds perfect!
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    Re: Where will we meet?

    I was thinking more of a round-the-clock destination, what with people working, time-zone confusion, and possible server instability.

    BUT, we can talk about that more over elevensies! *^_^*

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    Re: Where will we meet?

    Re: the title question.

    Come to the hospital.

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    Re: Where will we meet?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pfeifenkraut View Post
    We all enjoy the occasional RP, and the type of community that breeds.


    I would suggest the Bird & Baby
    Lol the Bird & Baby sounds fitting then

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    Re: Where will we meet?

    I shall be there, but will also drop by the Green Dragon for a quality pint!

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    Re: Where will we meet?

    Hi there fellow Vilyans,

    we will be making a meeting place for those coming from our kin shortly after the server goes live!

    It will greatly depends on everyone when we go live but The Prancing Pony sounds like a good place to start.
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    Re: Where will we meet?

    In that case, I may toss back a few drinks with my former compatriots from Vilya!! Looking forward to seeing folks again!!

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    Re: Where will we meet?

    I'm anxious to download the patch and get into the game already! It would be a terrible shame to miss out on Elevensies at the Bird and Baby. *sniff*

    Has anyone seen an ETA as to when the servers will come up, or know of a place to download the patch before the launcher itself decides to play with us?

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    Re: Where will we meet?

    Perhaps, once per month, everyone could meet at Old Blood Tusk's empty hollow for a candle light vigil. cider. and ham?

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    Re: Where will we meet?

    Why not the Golden Perch? it is closest pub to Crickhollow/buckland. Riverside view. great beer garden, great beer, no doubt the best in Eastfarthing!



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