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    WTB 1st or 2nd age Level 65 Bow

    Greetings I am looking to get a good deal on a quality bow. If you can please assist me in this ralley call. I would really really appreciate it!

    Thank You!!

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    Re: WTB 1st or 2nd age Level 65 Bow

    there are no lvl 65 1st age items in game, and a lvl 65 second age is only availabe as a crafted item using the Symbol of Celebrimbor.

    good luck in your search, and i hope you have deep pockets

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    Why does it matter?

    Re: WTB 1st or 2nd age Level 65 Bow

    This thread fails...

    Nice try Reafer.

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    Re: WTB 1st or 2nd age Level 65 Bow

    I have a 0st Age Level 70 Bow that I can let you have FOR FREE! It's a free premium for buying a piece of a little bridge I'm selling. You can buy the el primo piece of the bridge--the piece right between Brooklyn and Manhattan--for a special price! And you get the bow I mentioned at no additional charge. ACT NOW!
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