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    Immigrant from far lands reporting in.

    Here is a thread to announce your intentions and your story of why you will be coming to Crickhollow. What kind of immigrant are you iffn your willing to indulge us.

    I am thinking of Dazzl Dewberry. The first Dewberry on the new continent! A hopefully hardy stock who will not give in to defeat of any kind (permadeath/reroll). She will be kinless. A loner.

    She is an orphan of East Bree whos parents died while farming too close to the rich soil of the Midgewater Swamp. Her mother Esther and her father Jool were a heavy loss. It was a nasty group of goblins who did it and Dazzl has a deep hatred of those foul folk. Soon after the powers that be foreclosed on all the family property. Growing up in Bree proper and occasionally resorting to thievery to feed herself, Dazzl became aware of the poverty she was locked into. She repented of her hard and miserable life and the damage it was doing to her spirit. She has no skills to speak of but finds bows and arrows fascinating, and yet would like to tangle with those goblin in a more physical way at the same time.

    Then came the glad news of a New World! Hope has come! And Dazzl seeks a new life of hard work yes, but of the potential to be more than she ever thought possible before.
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