Under the Boughs will be a "Light RP" kinship, with no other motivation other than having fun. Raiding, PvMP, Events, and RP are all optional activities, that members are welcome to start if they choose to, but nore will ever be required. The leadership likes to focus on small-group play and solo questing, and plan to do a lot of Skirmishes.

Basically, we'll be a loose-knit kinship looking for companionship and fun over the drive to Raid or PvMP. Members who decide they would like to do those activities with another Kin are free to leave without any hard feelings. If this sounds like a Kin you'd be interested in joining, feel free to leave a note here, PM me, or contact me in-game. I'll leave a list of my characters below for in-game contact, once the head-start begins.