We've been sleuthing for more ways to earn Turbine Points in-game, and now have what we think is a complete list (for beta). TP Finder v0.3 is a huge update from the previous version. It now shows all 5460 TP (5470 for minstrels!) with better ways to find the TP you can earn in the content you own.

TP Finder

A Quick Tour of TP Finder
  • TP from all sources - Zone deeds, Instance deeds, Hidden and meta deeds, Epic story deeds, Race deeds, Class deeds, Gift Pack quests, and the Boar-slayer "TP bonaza" deed
  • Organized by content: Free vs. quest packs vs. expansions

  • Or, get a Quick List by zone
  • Every search adds a check-off column when printed

  • Hover tooltips show rewards and detailed objectives

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