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    VIP for at least one month

    I just started playing LOTRO when the F2P Beta started. I was always interested in LOTRO, but have been staying away from MMOs after I broke free from WoW a few years ago. I've really enjoyed LOTRO in the beta (epic storyline!) and talked a few friends into playing when F2P goes live. I like to play casually and will probably level kinda slowly, so I don't want to be paying every month. I dont mind spending a little bit occasionaly, but if I'm paying every month I will feel like I should play more to get my moneys worth, and would probably get burned out.

    I just bought MoM for $10, so I will be VIP for 30 days and the characters I create then will have a lot unlocked, but I was curious as to what would happen to characters I create after my VIP is over.

    If my info/assumptions are correct, it would be well worth it to go VIP for a month for any new premium character, rather than build up a new character with stuff from the store.

    Using VIP for one month is ~$5-$15 ($15 for a one month subscription, or ~$5 using a 60 day game card for $10).

    Going VIP for one month with a new premium character will unlock all 5 bags and get you access to the riding skill (if you get to level 20 before your VIP is over). Those two alone are worth 1285 TP, ~$13 (495 for the 2 bags, 295 for the riding). Plus you unlock all trait slots and get 500 TP for being VIP for a month. The value of all that from the store seems to cost more than a "one month subscription" of $15 (or less).

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    Re: VIP for at least one month

    Yup, that probably seems to be the best bang for your buck, doing that.

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    Re: VIP for at least one month

    Yes, currently the way things are laid out going going VIP for one month is a VERY good deal, especially with the MoM box. You will have 7 character slots while VIP, but when you downgrade to Premium you will have to pick 5 that you will play. Make sure to create and log into each of the five characters to have the traits/bags/gold cap are removed when you are downgraded.

    The best deal is to maximize what you access and start within the month while VIP (deeds, riding skill, etc) before dropping down.
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    Re: VIP for at least one month

    That is my plan also. I just made a new account with the MoM CE and will probably order the 60 day GTC too since it's dirt cheap.

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    Re: VIP for at least one month

    I bought vip and getting 500 tp's daily!!!!!dunno why if u guys know mail me once



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