Hey all, This is Smidgett of Nimrodel here to continue my posts on how to be a good guardian! Today I will go over how to successfully dps on a guardian.


It is very easy to dps on your guardian. The stance Overpower is what you want to go in. You also should probably have a 2 handed weapon. When dps I find that

doing a rotation of sting, stagger, force oppening, and brutal assult gives me good damage. Also if you are dpsing spam overwhelm and to the king as much as

possible. This should make you able to do fair dps on any mob. I would not recommend going dps for high healthed mobs. Anything above 25,000 morale would be

hard. When traiting for dps it's very easy. Here is a list of traits you should probably trait for dps-

Hit Where It Hurts

Raw Power

Stinging Blow

Blocking Force

Strong Lungs


Brave Heart

These traits basicly supercharge your big dps skills. Brave heart will reduce your Warrior's Heart/Fortitude cooldown and Stoic gives you mitigations. Here is a list of legendary traits you should slot-


To The King

Challenge the Darknes

You slot hemorage because it makes Brutal Assult have a 50% chance to apply a that does 150 damage or so, even more with the bleed damage legacy. To The King does awsome damage. Why I choose challenge the darkness is Guardian's Threat is useless when dpsing (also useless for any other build), Shield Smash is useless because you are using a 2 hander, and you can't slot Heart of Fire or Litany Master because of the way your traited. Keep the same virtues and racial traits. As far as gear goes just use the same gear you use to tank. If you have any gear that gives you Melee Critical Rating slot that instead of your current ones unless your crit rating is already capped. NEVER traits dps when going group unless asked to. NEVER go dps when you are supposed to tank. DPS Traiting is basicly only for deeding, soloing, and any other grind intensive class where you need to kill things fast. This post isn't as long as the last one because it is really easy to dps! I'll see you back in part 3 as we discuss how to pvp on a guardian.