Untouchables is a Free Peoples kin on the LOTRO server of Vilya. Like the movie, we fight evil and win. Except when we're playing on our Creep kin Untouchable. Then we're real good at being bad.

Untouchables has players of all levels, including some of the toughest 65's around.

Epic is our theme. If it's tough, if it's crazy, you'll find us there!
If you're afraid of dying, we're not for you.
But if you like being part of a team and doing epic stuff on a regular basis, you'll fit right in.

Maturity is required - both in age and personality. Minimum age is 19, as there is a fair amount of cussing.
You will be a recruit until you reach level 25, then you will be promoted to member.

Leveling should be your first priority; don't worry about gear, jewellry, etc until you reach ~60.
If needed we will help you with gear. Just save up materials, especially crafting items, as we have a SM for everything.

We have a Ventrilo voice server, and use of Ventrilo is required for higher level group activities. It's free for you to use.

Since we invest so much into you, we expect to be your only kin. We do not accept members who keep alts in other kinships.

If you are interested in joining us, log on to LOTRO and send mail to an officer, or reply to this post.
Our leader is Basilone, officers are Pollee, Vizzinni, Illenia, and Vardok.

Our Monster Play kin is Untouchable.

Our housing neighborhood is Kapheim in Thorin's Gate and this is where our Kin House is located.