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    Free 2 Play F A Q

    Hello everyone! Rather than scattered information, I wanted to start an official sticky post with information about commonly asked Accounts questions, payment questions, upgrade questions and so on. Please feel free to post any related questions you may have (after reading of course).

    Many of these questions were originally asked by Beta players, and answered in a Beta sticky. Thanks guys for all your help testing and the great questions!

    Useful Links
    LOTRO F2P Announcement
    Knowledge Base FAQ
    FAQ Comparison Chart: VIP/Premium/Free

    I will continue to post updates at the end of this thread, and include the updates in the original posts as well. I will further clarify some posted information, and will answer more of the questions previously posted.

    If you have a NEW question regarding LOTRO Free to Play, you may PM me with that question. Please note that you will NOT receive a PM response.

    I will provide answers in this thread, at my discretion. Most questions will likely be answered, some may not.
    Please only submit a question once. Multiple submissions/spamming will be ignored.
    Please do not send opinions or requests for changes. These are best submitted on the Suggestion forum. I will not forward any opinions or suggestions sent to me.

    If you have questions about your account, forum account, need technical assistance or any other support options, please feel free to review this post for the best contact options.

    General Information

    1. Supported Browsers
    Please be sure you're using IE 6, 7 (or 8 in Compatibility Mode) or Firefox 2 or higher when viewing any Turbine websites, especially if you're submitting information. We do not officially support any other browsers.

    2. Will my Beta characters/points/purchases move to the live servers when F2P launches?
    -What happens in Beta, stays in Beta.
    Beta characters, and items, perks, points, etc earned during the Beta will NOT be transferred to the live servers. (It’s not just the NDA.)
    -However, you can upgrade a Beta subscription and keep the Account name and associated forum name. If you have any questions about the upgrade process, or need help, please contact the Account Management department and they will be happy to help. They can also assist if you would like to play an old (live) account but can't remember your login information.

    3. Codemasters/European Characters
    The EU servers, characters, etc are completely separate. Please contact Codemasters for any questions about the EU servers.

    Payment Options for Points & VIP

    P1. Credit = Credit or Debit or Pre-Paid

    We accept credit, debit and pre-paid cards with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover logos on them (more information about "credit" cards can be found in this Account Management sticky). These can be used for VIP/subscription time or points purchases.

    P2. Game Time Cards
    We accept Game Time Cards for VIP/Subscription time. VIP time from a Game Card is identical to VIP time from a credit card.

    P3. Point Cards - Ultimate Game Cards and Turbine Point Cards

    We will be accepting Ultimate Game Cards and Turbine Point Cards for points once Free Play goes live. These should be available for purchase in local stores where you can buy video games and other gift/gaming cards. Ultimate Game Cards can also be purchased digitally. Please note that Ultimate Game Cards are not managed by Turbine, though they are a valid option to purchase Turbine Points.

    P3.1. Product Key vs Point Code - Bad Key! No cookie!
    If you're having trouble adding your key, first be sure it is a KEY not a Point Code. They are not interchangeable (though they both have 25 characters). If you get an error saying the key is in use or not valid, then check and see if your "Game Version History" on the right side of your blue/black LOTRO subscription area has "Lord of the Rings Online™ Beta" access listed. If it does, then your key is already attached!

    P4. Product Keys, Free Time and Upgrades

    If a product key includes 30 days of play time, those 30 days count as VIP access. Please note that many, but not all types of keys include play time. If the key does include an upgrade, but no time, it won't include any VIP access.

    If a product key does give 30 days, the account will be full VIP during that time, and will downgrade to Premium automatically at the end, the same way any other VIP account will downgrade to Premium, unless a subscription plan is selected. This includes the same perks such as the trait and riding access noted above, the monthly VIP points, etc.

    Product keys can be used to upgrade accounts, even Beta or Trial accounts. If they include time, that will be added when the key is applied for the upgrade. Only one key of a specific type can be added to an account. Keys can't be used to add time if it isn't also applying an upgrade. There are some restrictions about adding keys that might be considered a downgrade (adding an Angmar key to a Moria trial). If you have any problems when trying to upgrade, please contact the Account Management department.

    P5. Non-Turbine payments: Codemasters, etc.
    Non-Turbine product keys and Game Cards can NOT be used with the Turbine system for Free Play or VIP access. This includes Codemasters product keys and Game Cards. The billing systems are different, and the keys/codes are not transferable. For information about other servers and payment options, please see the official website for contact information. For European server questions, please contact Codemasters.

    LOTRO Store

    S1. LOTRO Store Availablility "Let your fingers do the walking"
    The LOTRO Store can only be viewed from within the game.

    S2. No Refunds
    All store purchases are final and non-refundable. Be sure you really want the points or item you have selected.

    S2.1 Store Purchase Issues
    If you have any issue with a store purchase or the delivery of a store purchase (points, items, etc) please close the store and then re-open it. If this does not resolve the issue, please close the game and then re-open and log in again. If this still does not resolve the issue, please contact the Account Management department and they will be happy to research the issue. You may call or submit a web inquiry. If you call, please note that this type of research can be very involved, and is therefore generally not able to be completed while on the phone, but will be researched and an answer sent via email.

    S3. Purchases and Downgrades
    Anything that you explicitly purchase with gold or Turbine points (things that aren't included with VIP) you keep if you downgrade. Any expansions, bank slots, etc. you'll be able to keep, even if you downgrade.

    S4. Points Exchanges for Non-Store Items, Favors, etc.
    All your golds are belong to us!!!!!!!
    Aka "Please ban me."
    Let me start by reminding everyone that the exchange of in-game items or money for real world items, money or consideration is a violation of the Terms of Service and Code of Conduct, and can result in disciplinary action. Using Point Codes (or other non-currency items with real world value) to buy gold or in-game items is considered a violation of this portion of the ToS and CoC. Turbine does take this very seriously, to help keep the economy balanced. Seriously, you can ask in game (carefully) about what happens.

    Turbine points cannot be moved between subscriptions or accounts. The sale of LOTRO Store items for in-game gold or items isn't something that is intended and certainly not something that is supported by Turbine. There is no protection for the seller or the buyer if anything suspect takes place and this type of activity may also result in disciplinary action. This applies to everything available in the store, including expansions, items, and so on.

    S5. Currency Cap
    The "Currency Cap" item only removes the cap on the currency. It does not change any other currency restrictions, like trading.

    S6. Store Items vs non-Store Items
    Any restrictions on an item are specific to that item. The item description will note what restrictions apply.
    Store items are restricted to account or character. All items will note what the applicable restrictions are. These items cannot be sold, traded, mailed, auctioned, etc. (Account bound items can be placed in the shared bank to send to another character on the same account.)

    Non-store items (including current items) may be bound, or if not bound they may be free to trade, mail, auction, etc. Any items that are not restricted may freely be sold, traded, etc without worry.

    The launch of Free Play will not change the bound or unbound status of items previously acquired.

    S7. Account Store Items - Any limitations?
    "Account" changing items such as character slots, shared bank space, quest packs, classes, etc are subscription wide. I specify subscription instead of account because you can have multiple subscriptions on a single account. You can have AC, DDO and LOTRO all on a single account (single username) or even multiple DDO and LOTRO subscriptions on a single account (username).

    S7.1 Shared Bank Space
    If you purchase the shared bank space, you have access to a server specific shared bank space on all of the servers. You can't use shared bank space to transfer items between servers.

    Points: VIP, Bonus, Earned In-Game

    PT1. VIP Point Grant Timing - "I can expect them when?"
    VIP points are granted within 48 hours of a successful VIP subscription payment, or within 48 hours of the monthly anniversary for multi month payments and Lifetime subscribers.
    -For example, if Derf’s billing date is on the 15th of the month for a single month payment, and his payment is successful, then he will get the points on the 15th or 16th.
    -If Smitty’s billing date is on the 20th, and he is on a 3 month plan, then every month on the 20th or 21st he’ll get his points (provided the payment for the 3 months of access processes).

    PT2. VIP Point Grants for Multi Month Subscriptions
    VIP Points for Multi Month Subscriptions are granted in the standard 500 point increments on a monthly basis. Multi month subscribers do not get all the points in a giant lump sum at the beginning of the billing period.
    -For example (as noted above) Smitty’s billing date is on the 20th, and he is on a 3 month plan, then every month on the 20th or 21st he’ll get his points (provided the payment for the 3 months of access processes).

    VIP Point Grants for Lifetime Subscritpions
    VIP Points for Lifetime Subscriptions are granted in the standard 500 point increments on a monthly basis, similar to Multi Month Subscriptions in M2. The points are granted on the Anniversary of the date you paid your Lifetime Subscription.

    PT3.1 When is my Anniversary as a Lifetime Subscriber?
    We are aware that the Account Management website doesn't currently show an Anniversary or Payment date for Lifetime subscribers. Until now it didn't matter, since you don't have to pay subscription fees again. We're looking into displaying the Anniversary date for Lifetime subscribers. In the interim, you can check your credit card statements or contact the Account Management department to confirm your Anniversary.

    PT4. I resubscribed today, where are my points?
    Please note that payments are always processed in the morning. When you reinstate or upgrade to VIP, your card isn’t charged immediately, so the points will not be granted immediately.
    -If Derf upgrades to VIP (by clicking the “Get Unlimited Access” button on the Account Management page) on the 4th, his card will be charged whatever billing plan he picks on the 5th. He will then receive his points on the 5th or 6th.

    PT5. There's no VIP Point Grant Notfication?
    At this time there is no notification sent when VIP points are added. You can take note of your monthly billing date or billing anniversary (which you should be aware of anyway) and around that date you can note the number of points you have when you log out of the game, and then take note of the points you have the next time you log in. The Account Management department can confirm if the VIP points were granted, and when, however it is likely faster to simply track the points yourself.

    PT6. There's no Points Statement or Tracking?
    At this point we do not have a way to track the point changes on your account. We do not currently have a “points statement” to display debits and credits. However, we are aware that this would be a popular option that many are interested in seeing.

    PT7. When do VIP Point Grants Start?
    VIP Point grants start with the Preview (for previous and current players) on September 8, 2010.

    PT8. When will I see my Bonus (Loyalty) points?
    Players can expect to see any Bonus points for the subscription within a week of launch. For more information on Loyalty Points, please see this article.

    PT9. Points for Deeds
    Points will not be granted for Deeds that have already been completed. Points will be granted for Deeds completed after the launch of Free Play. Deeds will no longer grant experience.
    There are new reputation Deeds which can be completed to earn points.

    PT10. Do points transfer between games or separate subscriptions on an account?
    No. Turbine points are subscription specific. I specify subscription instead of account because you can have multiple subscriptions on a single account. You can have AC, DDO and LOTRO all on a single account (single username) or even multiple DDO and LOTRO subscriptions on a single account (username). The points are specific to the subscription they are earned on/purchased on, not to the entire account. Points are not bound to server.
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    LOTRO Support Page & Knowledge Base
    To request support from a Customer Service Agent, simply click on "Submit a Ticket"
    English Account/Store Support is available Monday through Friday from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. (GMT -5). 855-WBGAMES (855-924-2637)

    Contact us on Twitter @LOTRO



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