This is our Beta Roundtable that was recorded Tuesday, August 3rd. We have with us five special beta testers who agreed on very short notice to talk about their experiences. We appreciate them taking the time to share their adventures in the beta so far.

We tried very hard to avoid major plot line spoilers for things like the epic quest line and the changes to the introduction quests. I believe we did accomplish this however if you are sensitive to spoilers and really want to be surprised when Free-To-Play launches, perhaps this is not the best thing for you to listen to.

It gets asked every roundtable so I should mention that a transcript will not be available for this show. I’m very sorry for those who prefer to read.

List of Topics:
I have broken up the chat’s main topics into an outline with a timestamp of where that information starts in case you are just interested in a piece here and there and want the rest to be a surprise. I hope this is helpful!

  • Enedwaith – Timestamp 0:02:24
  • New Class Introduction Quests – Timestamp 0:27:10
  • Class Changes – Timestamp 0:40:20
  • LUA Scripting – Timestamp 0:57:49
  • Playing as a Free Player/Premium/VIP – Timestamp 1:14:20
  • LOTRO Store – Timestamp 1:22:02
  • Dungeon Scaling – Timestamp 1:51:15
  • Fall Festival – Timestamp 1:59:19

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Be sure to check out the other beta information and the beta videos already posted here on CSTM!

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