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I'm wondering if there is a way to add animations to my UI. Say, for example; If my morale drops below 25%, a flashing red orb appears on screen and starts hovering around my vitals display. Is there a plugin for this, or some other way that i could do it? Aside from straight up modding the game script, of course; which i don't know how to do, nor think would be allowed. Maybe it would be, they let you use plugins, which is essentially modding. Most games won't even let you go that far. I want shiny, glowing orbs, mist and sparkle effects all over my screen when i do stuff!

Plugins currently running and operational.
PLugins currently not running, but downloaded.
VitalBars <-Would like help getting this one running.
The One Bag
There are several plugins which display on screen effects in response to morale level, Palantir and LowWarn are two that come to mind. For other types of effects there is EffectWarn and for responses to chat messages there is Alerter. All available from lotrointerface.com

As to "modding the game script", that is expressly forbidden in the EULA. Plugins do not actually modify the client, they run in a very strictly controlled sandbox within the client. There are currently very few aspects of the client that are exposed to Lua (the language in which LotRO plugins are written) which is why some of the desired modifications do not exist yet. The Lua interface continues to expand but at a very, very slow pace since the Turbine side of Lua is implemented by a couple of devs in their spare time (which is pretty limited).