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    New trial users - watch out for Pando Media Booster

    I installed the free trial a few days ago, and it installed and used that Pando Media Booster/

    Nowhere did it inform me that it would stay installed and KEEP UPLOADING AT FULL BANDWIDTH after I had downloaded and installed the game.

    Before I noticed it, it had uploaded about 20GB of wasted bandwidth without my knowledge or permission.

    Comcast's "unlimited" internet actually limits you to 250 Gb a month and this just ate up a large percentage in the first day of the month.

    This is even more detrimental to people who get penalized and charged for over use of bandwidth.

    Why are we not told about this? Why does Turbine continue to use this malicious program when people have been complaining about it for years?

    (Yes, I did a search after it happened and found posts dating back years)

    What's even worse is that not only do they fail to tell you, it installs itself as a nondescript startup item so the average user wouldn't even know that it is running on startup every time you boot the computer.

    So to protect yourself and prevent Pando from using all of your available bandwidth, slowing down your internet access, and costing you money, UNINSTALL Pando Media Booster as soon as you are done downloading the trial.

    I really do not understand why Turbine still uses this malware, or if they must use it why do they not have the install program uninstall Pando Media Booster when you install the trial? No they leave it installed and never tell you anything about it. Very sneaky and negligent and I am reconsidering buying into this game because of it.
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