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    Getting Ready to Raid

    I'm currently working on getting my gear and stats ready for the Abyss of Mordath. I've never been in a position where I'm actually involved in end-game content getting ready for a raid, so I'm here looking for advice from more experienced players.

    I was going to separate these into sections, but everything just kind of blends together, so here goes.

    I've got my legacies all done, but I've got a few questions about runes. I've heard that the new runes of striking don't stack bonuses when used on both items, so I've got one rune on my axe (dwarf champ) and am currently using the Gorgoroth rune (of Force, I think?) that gives phys mastery and crit. Is that the best way to set those up as of now?

    As for settings, I currently have two Westemnet Settings of Endings (+7.5% Devastate Magnitude primarily). I was wondering if it would be advantageous to swap one of these out for the Gorgoroth setting that gives finesse. Doing so would enable to me to forgo a finesse essence and instead put a crit rating one in, since I'm sitting at around 24% melee crit chance with the 5% from red line included.

    Which brings up stat goals as a whole. As I understand it, one of their goals for Mordor instances was making us have to pick and choose what stats are priorities. From what I can see (a very limited perspective, mind you) in order to get mits to the T2 cap (around 78k, I believe), there's a lot left to be desired in the realm of phys mastery and crit. Finesse also plays a bit into that, as most people are saying 98-100k is needed to eliminate mob B/P/E. Getting mits and finesse up seems to be taking up all my essence slots so far, leaving phys mastery and crit sitting around 140k and 40k, respectively, which seems a bit low for a DPS class. While I am by no means geared the best right now (I've still got a few teal pieces to get) it appears that sacrifices will need to be made. So, Champ gurus, what should we be aiming for going into the Abyss?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palken View Post
    So, Champ gurus, what should we be aiming for going into the Abyss?
    Level a Hunter or Rune-Keeper. Champ's are just detrimental to your group in Mordath unfortunately :/

    If you really have a raid that will accept a champ for T2, dont try to cap your mitigations. Try to get around 55% (around 55k rating), which is enough to not die to often, but will leave you with enough room to trait some mastery/crit. Finesse goal is aroung 80k+. I have not done excessive testing, but around there you will have still some BPE happen, but even if you go much further, BPE does not go down to 0%. What really is worth it, i dont know, i guess you would have to test with combat analysis to find a for you suitable miss rate.

    For other questions: Physical Runes only work on the weapon they are equiped on, so useless on the champ rune. The mastery one is the best option there.

    For setting, either go with the Finesse one, or the new crit one from either Udun - or you can now get a slightly better version from the vendors in Dingarth for 700 Ash (Gem is also avaible there)

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    Yeah, I used my Aria from my Mordor purchase on a hunter I had a lvl 75. I already get to use him more often than my geared champ. :/



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