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    Camelot Guild a Refugee Group

    Hail LOTRO community!,

    My guild and I have moved from another game to LOTRO and have began our journey!

    Camelot guild and Kingarthur / Camelotsking are bringing the following to LOTRO Firefoot server.

    (( Camelot was created for various reasons, mainly because we were sick of dealing with Prideful, egotistical, rude little selfish brats within most games. We wanted to offer people of like mind a place to make possible life long friends not just a Kinship or Guild within a game. )) We strive to live by knightly codes of Conduct when dealing with each other and with people outside our kindship. Most of our players are over the age of 20 with a few of the members families having children in the guild. We have some players who have been playing LOTRO for years and some who are new. We can help you start your adventure and enjoy the experience as part of a family oriented online gaming community.

    We use a voice system called GSC its free with tons of useability and can host 200 players.

    for more information please whisper me in game Camelotprince or Noblefirzen, Xzariel, Effly, Pucca or PM me here on the forums .

    You could even find anyone within Camelot in game and ask them for more information.

    Feel free to stop by and check out our guild website http://camelotguild.mmoguildsites.com

    We definately care more about the Quality of PERSON more then the level of their character.
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    Re: Camelot Guild a Refugee Group

    Welcome to LotRO and the Firefoot server, good to know we're getting some new, young blood to keep things fresh.

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    Re: Camelot Guild a Refugee Group

    Welcome to Firefoot. Good luck guys.

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    Re: Camelot Guild a Refugee Group

    Welcome to Firefoot!

    I think you will find yourselves at home here.

    Alts: Daisin, Daes, Daess, Daese, Daesrk, Daesin

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    Re: Camelot Guild a Refugee Group

    Thank you for the warm welcome.
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    Re: Camelot Guild a Refugee Group

    You will find that we care more about the quality of person then the level of your character.

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    Re: Camelot Guild a Refugee Group

    Now that LotRo has gone free to play we are welcoming all Mature, No drama, family oriented gamers.

    If you are feeling the same as we are. Sick of Kiddy imature, mouthy, disrespectful, Troll, players then you have found the right Kinship to join. Camelot!!



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