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Alot of this type of stuff would kill alot of the fun, its one of the main reasons i dont play wow, i got sic of having to keep up with mods just to raid. Gear score is the biggest joke anyway, things like threat meters would take away the risk of being in SS as a hunter, you would know when to ease up so the tank doesnt lose aggro etc. knowing exactly when the boss is going to do a special attack well in advance also kinda wrecks alot of the fun of playing, having thiings flash when there off cd etc takes away all the skill or having a good rotation and watching multiple buffs/debuffs. I do hope they keep all this scripting stuff to a minimun.
If you dont like it, dont use it. If your in a kin that wants to use them, then find a new kin.

Utopia, or anyone else with knowladge of the Lua stuffs:
Is there any way to adjust the size/color/opaqueness of the Examination Tooltip Display?

I want to be able to see what I'm looking at, it just doesn't have to be so big and getting in the way of stuffs.

Thx again, you guys rule!