Hello there,
I'm looking for a new kin that fits my play style and is also willing to accept a few of my friends. I am a mature gamer that has been doing this for several years, about 3yrs or so with LOTRO and a few more before that with another game.

I've been in a few other kins on the server but it seems like they have not been the right fit. Lots of great people and I can't complain about that but recently a serious lack of any participation, sometimes it seems like I am the only one on.

As a player I have 4 characters at 75 (Guardian, Minstrel, RK and Burglar) and several more on their way up. My friend has one 75 and 4 others about to hit 75. We've spent the vast majority of our time questing and the occasional skirmish but sadly don't have any real experience in instances at any level.

What I'm looking for is a kin that is more active and willing to help where needed, obviously I would be more than happy to return that help. I have all the crafting professions to Westfold and have lots of extra mats.

Just to be clear I'm not looking for gear but rather to experience more of the game and see some new content, heck I'd be more than happy to go back and run stuff from Moria or before as I've never really seen it.

Thanks for the consideration