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    All Shall Fade - A Casual Kinship

    All Shall Fade is a kinship on the Nimrodel server. Perhaps you've heard of us or seen our members out and about and wondered exactly who we are... well listen up!

    Our kinship does its best to cater to the needs of any type of player in LOTRO, regardless of what they prefer to do in-game. If you love questing, exploring, grouping, raiding, crafting, PvPing, chatting, making new friends, or attending events... All Shall Fade does it too!

    • ATMOSPHERE: Our kin has a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere, with few rules and lots of fun all around. Our members are mature and friendly, and we have a remarkable number of MMO veterans who have raided and led guilds in other games. Our members and officers help each other out and answer questions all the time.
    • ORGANIZED: At the same time, we manage to stay very organized while maintaining our casual and friendly atmosphere. We have a strong officer structure and charter, with elder officers in charge of each division of kin. Our officers regularly meet and are all very active in improving the kinship. We do our best to be approachable by kin members with questions, concerns, or requests, and listen to their ideas and try to implement them. In addition, we have officer appointed and volunteer "class mentors" who are experts in their class and are willing to answer class-specific questions related to everything from skills and traits to class quests. We also have an organized kinship bank by mail, with books, pages, craft items, class quest drops, and rare items.
    • SUPPORT: In addition to a great in-game environment, All Shall Fade provides other great options outside of the game. We have a fully functioning website and forum, which serves as a central hub of information for all the goings-on of the kin. Our website has consistently been one of the highest rated and most viewed kinship sites on the LOTRO 100 Top Sites. We also have our own Ventrilo server so our members can stay connected and chat even outside of the game.
    • QUESTS: Our members frequently work together to complete quests. We have a large number of higher level members who will often help out as well. Being one of the largest and most active kinships on the server, there's a good chance you'll be able to find help with your quests if you need it!
    • RAIDING: Our kin also offers frequent raiding forays into the all areas (old school and new) instances for any level. We have many scheduled runs for 6-man instances and the larger raids, and we frequently run the 3-man instances on the spot. We use a roll or need/greed system for runs. We also have a number of experienced raid leaders in the kin to lead groups through raids quickly and effectively.
    • CRAFTING:Our kin is very involved in crafting, with multiple Westfold & Standgard master crafters across each profession who are willing to craft gear and items for our kin. We also have an active kinship bank system to share rare crafting drops and other materials with up and coming crafters.
    • PVP: Our kin has a number of very active and recognized players in the Ettenmoors, on both the freep and creep sides. We have several high-ranked and experienced veterans who are always willing to help out new players to the 'moors, and our kin organizes raids for fighting, keep taking, and questing.
    • EVENTS: Our kin holds regular events and gatherings for our members to attend. We feel such events help build a sense of community in the kin and are a great time for all! These events are open to all on the server, and thus it's a great way to meet people from other kins. We make full use of our kinship hall for these events as well. Music, fireworks, sparring, food, drink, races, games, prizes... everyone agrees they're a blast!
    • DIPLOMACY: Our kin is proud to have a good reputation with the Nimrodel community of kinships. We are a member of the Leithrim Alliance, a group of kins who hold events and raids together. We also have close friendships with other major kins on the server. We have also welcomed members of dissolved kinships i.e. Rangers of Arnor, Legends of Moria, etc. We welcome all and if your kinship is looking to merge, please contact Trinitie/Trindal for more information.

    So, if you're looking for a kinship to join, and think All Shall Fade might be for you, join us! Or if you perhaps have some questions about certain aspects of our kinship, find more information on our website (www.shallfade.com) or contact one of the officers below:

    • If you have general questions about our kinship, recruiting or promotion process, please contact Trinitie/Trindal (Leader) or Marithil (First Officer).
    • If you have questions about our raids or loot policies, please contact Merowin (Master of Raids) or Whiskaran (LT of Raids).
    • If you have questions about our kin rules or website, please contact Rainbowdoddle (Master of Information) or Golbo (Information LT).

    Any of these officers (in addition to our group of outstanding junior officers) will be happy to invite you to join our kin if you decide to join up with us.

    Thanks for reading, and have a great day in Middle Earth!
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    All Shall Fade



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