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Precautionary FYI: I was afflicted by a bit of malware immediately after downloading and installing the Player a few nights ago.

I can't pin down the source of it, but the only uncommon thing I did that evening was DL and install the Player.

Digero, I apologise, but I just wanted to put it out there just in case. I hope I'm mistaken as to the source.

As for the program itself, well-done Digero. Thanks for developing and sharing it.
What URL did you download ABC Player from? I can only vouch for downloads from http://lotro.acasylum.com/abcplayer/. The files didn't have malware when I uploaded them to the server, and I just did a virus scan on the files on the server and it came up clean. Did your antivirus program say that any files included with ABC Player were infected?