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    The Lorien Alliance is recruiting!

    The Lorien Alliance

    About Us:
    Much like the histories of Middle Earth the Lorien Alliance has a long and complex history which spans back to 2003 and the forum days of pre-launch in MEO. We have experienced the dynamics of change while maintaining our core values of community, respect, and fun.

    The Lorien Alliance is recruiting. Our intention is to run regular weekly runs of the raids in a professional manner while maintaining a fun, easy going, and enjoyable environment. Many of our members are former members of Preying Mantis (PreyingMantis), Animus, Atani, and the Aratomin Guard. We are really looking for people who are willing to communicate and put forth a good effort. We help each other get what we want out of the game.

    Current Class Needs:
    Burglar - High
    Captain - High
    Champion - High
    Guardian - High
    Hunter - High
    Lore-Master - High
    Minstrel - High
    Rune-Keeper - High
    Warden - High

    Even if your class is listed in low, please feel free to contact us about joining!

    Contact Info:
    If interested, please send a /tell to Bludborn, or Thurindourne in-game.
    Forum posts and private messages are welcome.

    We look forward to seeing you!
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    Re: The Lorien Alliance, F2P

    Good luck Blud! Sounds like it should be a great group.




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    Re: The Lorien Alliance, F2P

    Thanks Fain, starting to get some new people rolling in! I hope more people will end up in the kin and having a great time in middle earth. Look forward to grouping with you sometime in the future.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fainduil View Post
    Good luck Blud! Sounds like it should be a great group.




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    Re: The Lorien Alliance, F2P

    We are currently looking for experienced and new players during our rebuilding stages. All races, classes and levels are welcome.

    If you have questions, feel free to message me

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    Re: The Lorien Alliance, F2P

    Currently looking for most classes aside from Champions.

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    Re: The Lorien Alliance, F2P

    /bump.......good group here......great to see LA recruiting!

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    Re: The Lorien Alliance, F2P

    We are still looking to create a very low pressure and low commitment kinship that can come together and get some things accomplished. We have a few people that would like to run some instances without having to look for PUGs. Ultimately, we are looking to just have fun and enjoy both the game and each others company.

    We do have a website, vent server, and usually play between 6pm-3am EST.

    We have a lot of alts in the kin so we are covering the vast majority of levels.

    There are no strict attendance policies, no "mains and alts" policies, no application process, and no set schedule. If you play once a week, thats fine. If you play every waking moment, that is also fine. I see a lot of people out there in the capitals that are un-kinned ranging from levels 1-65. If you are seeking a place to call home, give us a try!

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    bump - still looking for new people

    in need of ranged DPS and healers

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    Updated information

    I have updated the class needs and contact information.

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    La recruiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bringing it back! Have a solid basis of gamers dating all the way back to SoA launch. We have been playing together for roughly 6 years through different games and are back together in the Lorien Alliance. All classes welcome, come be a part of something special! We have vent - PST in game to Bludborn , Germanicus, or Bonneh, and we will help ya out with more information.

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    I heartily endorse this product and/or service.

    Seriously... a great bunch of people - and great times to be had by all.

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    Let's Get back to it.....

    Looking for more raiders, we run from 9pm-1am most nights.

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    You need a L30 Hunter, new player, looking for aussie time zone players. Message in game to Micynke

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    Kinship Update

    Our Kinship has been renamed to Du Bekar and moved to the Arkenstone server as part of the planned server closures



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