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    About the Armourer's crafting panel

    Would it be possible to switch the positions of the Metalsmithing and Prospecting tabs? I know this is just a minor annoyance, but everyother profession's crafting window opens by default to the crafting tab where your guild recipes are going to be, and since this is something we deal with daily, it's be nice if I didn't start my day every day going 'what the,... oh right this character's default crafting window is the wrong skill.'

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    Praise The Lord ! I have two armorers and this drives me crazy . Please please please change this , I'm sure it's the only vocation that opens up on a resource gathering skill , madness I tell you MADNESS ( starts dribbling and rocking back and forth in the corner )

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    Yeah this has my vote too ...... none of my other characters have this issue! It is minor, but WHY is this one unique?

    I'm not holding my breath, heck it'd probably take me a year or so to get used to the change after all these years!



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