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    Is the Turtle Shell Bracelet still Viable? Or Valuable?

    Hello fellow jewelers,

    I was wondering if anyone could confirm for me whether or not the Turtle Shell bracelet is still a good piece of equipment to be wearing. I'm only level 42, but I'm looking forward to being able to create this item. Is it even worth it?

    Also, I was thinking if things worked out and I was able to crit' a few, would they be valuable on the AH?


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    Re: Is the Turtle Shell Bracelet still Viable? Or Valuable?

    Impossible to know but its likely still to be useful to anyone at least till 70 or at whatever level you are able to acquire something better. Will it be the end all be all of hunter bracelets that is a big no. As it is its only virtue is the proc of the crit version. There are 2 crafted bracelets that nearly match its stats that are much easier to attain. 1 thing is certain all level 65 gear will be obsolete by 70 - 75.
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    Re: Is the Turtle Shell Bracelet still Viable? Or Valuable?

    They are still valuable and used. The primary benefit is that crafted. The stats are highly prized by many classes. The difficulty is getting the recipe. It is a drop in the Turtle Raid. When it drops there are 12 people on the floor after it.

    Once Isengard hits, the level cap will go to 75. There will be something in the 66-75 range that will have much better stats. It will become something that people get or not get on the way to 75.

    I think they are selling for four gold each on Meneldor - crit version.
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    Re: Is the Turtle Shell Bracelet still Viable? Or Valuable?

    i've been using two crit turtle bracelets for the past year-ish. wouldn't trade them for anything...yet

    edit: my frank advice would be to craft them and then try to sell them immediately for whatever gold you can get. the crits should net you 2-4g, the non-crits maybe 900s. they will still sell post-roi, just for maybe not so much. lotsa' trouble for the recipe; make hay while sun shines.
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    Re: Is the Turtle Shell Bracelet still Viable? Or Valuable?

    I have a hntr & brg at 75. There's no use for the bracelet anymore at end game, but it's nice during leveling. Make 'em, don't expect a lot of money for them.



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