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    Re: Jeweller Recipes

    Comparing to the jeweller list on http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Jeweller_Recipes (which I think is easier to read) at least 2 of the recipes (low level ones) in this thread were wrong before the patch (I didn't check that many).

    Current stats for items (t1-t3) that are different from the list at the top of the thread (I didn't look at xp points, or required resources)
    (if only the crit stats changed, I left off the normal stats and the other way around)

    Copper Ring +8 Morale - crit +15 Morale (change was pre-patch)
    Copper Neck +3 might - crit +5 might (change was pre-patch)
    Amethyst Ring - crit +8 vit

    Silver Ring +6 will
    Silver Necklace +6 might
    Glittering Silver Necklace +6 might +6 agility - crit +11might +6 agility
    Glittering Silver Ring +6 vit +6 fate - crit +11 vit +6 fate
    Bloodstone Ring +7 vit
    Opal Necklace +7 might +7 fate, crit +14 might +7 fate
    Engraved Bloodstone Ring +14 will +7 fate - crit +14 will +7 fate +7 might
    Engraved Opal Necklace +7 vit +7 might - crit +14 might +7 vit +7 will

    Gold Ring +9 vit +2.5 morale regen in non-combat
    Gold Necklace +9 might - crit +17 might + 9 vit
    <missing Glittering Gold Ring recipe>
    Glittering Gold Necklace +9 might +26 morale
    Ruby Ring +10 will +30 power
    Sapphire Necklace crit +2% wound resistance +10 might
    <missing Engraved Sapphire Necklace recipe>
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