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also learn to kite, this is really bug. learning how to effectively kite while still putting out fairly good dps is very important imo, especially when taking on those big mobs solo.

What is kite? or kiting? I have a 62 LM and do not understand this. Have heard this term, but have found no explanation of ti.
Kiting is an old school MMO term derived from slowing a MOB and then staying out of its attack range while killing it. Essentially its like you have a kite string attached to the enemy, and as you move it moves with you and you are flying it like a kite, IE running to catch wind so it flies.

A lot of old terms are still used but the root has been forgotten.

Like proc. I read a LM guide that says proc is short for processed. Its actually P.R.O.C. meaning Power release on contact. It came about from weapons in Eq1 like the PGT (polished granite tomahawk) that caused an affect when you hit things with it. The power was released upon the axe making contact with the enemy.