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Hello Dev's and GM's.

I just started playing on Friday, the only thing that I want to suggest is the cool downs on 3 things be shorter.

my bad I had somehting on this line about blinding flash, then I realized Burning Embers is a dot and I was usiing it wrong.

Test Of Will - really a hole minute, come on... ( I still stand by this )

and now, the melee attacks...

Why the hell does a squishy have an AOE melee attack ? reduce the CD on melee and make them single target only ( or at least make the aoe worth it when im getting mobbed and all those interupts are preventing me from casting this swpie does NOTHING at least add a push back effect) or give a swipe type of attack to our pet I mean honestly , a melee aoe on class that stacks everything else but morale? Hey guys let me pull aggro ill be fine gandalph said so.
You started playing on friday, ok take a deep breath - it does get easier. Isn't staff sweep a level 30 skill. If you leveled to 30 since then congrats, but slow down and learn your skills. LM is an advanced class, you have a lot of tools to deal with situations. Cooldowns will get reduced once you start getting class traits.

A year ago at this time LM didn't have staff sweep, so don't kick the gift horse to hard. We only had one melee attack. I personally like that its AOE, plus it gives me power back.

LM is a pretty decent class and very fun to play. I have way more gripes about my warden than my LM. I pretty much don't have any about the class. I'm not saying its perfect just that compared to some other problems that other classes have, LM is just fine.